Friday, 1 February 2013

Valentine Suggestions: Single Ladies part 3

Hi again!
Well I will make this post short; this is for all those single ladies who decided stay put in your room on  valentine. I know not everyone parties on valentine; many single ladies like to have some METIME alone. Being single is not a problem that you have to 'fix', if you are single, by choice, I say Valentine day is a perfect day to spoil yourself. You might assume that surrounding yourself with women who are in the same unattached boat is a perfect way to spend your day. But when a bunch of singles get together and talk about how its okay to be single, you end up feeling really..Single. Maybe burning your exes’ pictures in turn and dancing in the circle all night long isn’t necessary. 

You can always have a METIME, to start your day, do little shopping; visit salons get your nails and hair done, feel pretty. This outfit is perfect for such days. If you decide to grab a brief lunch or brunch with your girlfriends, this outfit shall do. Cook yourself a good meal and watch good movies, avoid reading silly valentine related status on Facebook.
If you are wondering gosh save me from all your jibber jabber about how should one spend their valentine, then I am sorry. I know how it feels to be single and what are our thought processes. Stop thinking yourself as a “ single and lonely” girl. The opportunity to find love is much closer than you think! So feel free to steal some of that festive chocolate and cakes- love might just be around the corner, and isn’t that something worth celebrating?
After all these talk you still curse yourself for being single, go get a booze and sleep through the night ( laugh)

Distressed jeans with studded belt,just maybe what you need.For me nothing is more casual than wedges if it comes to foot-wears. Simple yet chic ensemble right? My cousin and I have very similar taste. We shop online and sometimes from stores not knowing the other person has just purchased the same. We have so many identical goodies, this sweater cardigan is one of them.

C                              Pant/cardigan/top :online
                                 Shoes: Mollini (similar here)
                                 Bag : Chanel
                                 Sunglass : emporio armani

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