Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentine Suggestions: Single Ladies part 4

Hi everyone!
First of all I want to thank for all the new likes, I am so lazy to promote my page,nonetheless, likes just keep flowing so we are very thankful. This will be the last post under single ladies and I just can't wait to show other outfits,especially looking forward for the sexy/foxy post, which would be our last category.
Coming back to the post, there are few things about me,you could say, things I do not wear,are boyfriend trousers/harem pants and sneakers. I am not quite experimental with fashion, I normally stick with trends I am used to and ease with, and can you believe I didn't own any sneakers until recently. I tried buying sneaker few years ago, my boyfriend took me to look for one and when I found the one I liked,I was like " I am not paying $160 for this pair dude" and later when I tried it on,he laughed at me saying 'they are just not meant for you'. Same with the harem pants, he literally laughed at me infront of salesperson. I bought this boyfriend trouser and my first kicks on boxing day, I just couldn't  help considering they were on sale.Plus wanted to get out of box of my confort zone and lately been reading   articles on harem pants and I am like now really hooked-perse.

Do you have one of those days when you open your wardrobe and you go "jeez! I have nothing to wear", and everything in your closet becomes one big blur. Don't worry! that happes to every girl and sometimes when you feel like you have nothing to wear,you just need to bro down.I know harem pants and peg leg pants are not everyone's "cup of tea",I was one of them who thought they were not meant for likes of me.Harem pants they are billowy and luxurious and have a tendency to add weight to fuller figure,this may not be the look everyone is after but with the right pair,worn with the right pieces,can actually be flattering for your figure.Actually I like the fact that it makes me look little fuller,because I am sick of everyone calling me "tiny". I think tiny is such an offensive word, call me skinny but seriously tiny? ( laugh)
 I thought this look was perfect for all those single ladies who don't give a crap its a valentine and who want to spend the day just like any other day. Its casual, simple and yet fashion forward. To up the femininity, I chose this trouser in red though I already own two pants in red.Normally with baggy pants/ harem its good to wear a tank top if you decide to clinch the look but for me that look was so predictable so I tried loose top. I Added satchel bag to this look, I think Mulberry Alexa brought the satchel coolness back, this satchel's ultra covetable style upgrades  off-duty look to preppy it-girl cool.
I don't know how it looks to you guys but now that I have got into boyfriend fashion, I am totally digging boyfriend trousers and thinking of buying more,what do you think?
I will do a post on harem pant,which is way baggy than this, but it will have to wait till I am done with these valentine posts.They are so comfortable,roomy and airy! and have a very relaxed fit ( I don't look super skinny). Now I am like,why the hell did I not try these before?

Well I have been taking pictures around the river near my house but for this post,I went to the other side of the river and it had this beautiful but tad creepy woods, looked like twilight movies were shot just there and gave me country side vibe.
 Hope you are liking my regular posts? if not dang it! (wink). Have a pleasant week ahead.

toodle-oo                     Pants: Zara
C                                Bag: Ninewest
                                  Shoes : Christian Louboutin
                                  Sunnies: Prada
                                  Top: Online

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