Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine Suggestions: Look lady Like part 2

 Hey guys,
I will make this post short. I wasn't sure how classy ladies dress and I was like blank so I tried to create my defination of "LADY" with a summer theme. My dream is to one day attend New york fashion week and it will always be just a dream.Their collections included  lots of faux furs ( jackets,vests,scarves )' , then I was like thats right classy lady always wear expensive furs.
I think faux vest are the best transitional piece, from winter-spring, summer-fall.
I think one of the thing that makes a boring outfit fabulous is a dash of faux fur. Faux fur vests are the best layering piece and its easy to pop on over any sweater or a thin/ leather jackets for extra warmth and glamour! After watching New york fashion week and many designers' collections of faux furs I think I have FFF ( faux fur fever)
 My photographer thought I should pose like that, does that look familiar? (laugh). Its a Vampire diaries pose.

 It rained so I could wear that vest, for other times its pretty warm for a summer. If you are wondering how could one dress like that on valentine and that outfit is no way valentinish,for those of you who are experiencing winter, wear a thick leggings and a tall boot with a sweater and add a faux fur jacket or vest,its warm and very classy pairing. I just created summer version of that with my netted tights.
Today, is a very good day. Its a grammy night/losar/new york fashion week. yay!! lots to celebrate and I wish every bhutanese and Chinese a very happy new year. Hope this snake year treats you well, wishes and regards from our team.

 try to recreate this look with the stuffs you have, improvising is important, there is no need to shop just because I suggested. I am in a middle of something right now,so, I cant write any further. You are gona love the upcoming posts, I personally saved my favourite outfits and shoes for last posts.
After Valentine,we will resume weekly posts because frequent updates can be tad daunting.

  C                                 Tank dress : Armani Exchange
                                      Vest : Uno Shimada
                                       Purse/shoes : Guess
                                       tights: Gloss
                                   Belt : online

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