Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Bare It All

Can you believe I hardly post 20 blog updates in a year, some blogger I am (laugh). I guess life just caught up with me. Everyone my age seems busy building career, family and stability and I am no different.
 This outfit is very similar with one of my old posts, which I posted few months back (here). This dress is in right fabric in right color, hugs at right places and just feels right for summer. This military green has gotten under my skin somehow and you bet they are my current favorite. I don’t wana endlessly rehash on strip dresses as I gave my opinion in older post. Today, you can just enjoy my photography.

Can you believe our time to enjoy sunshine and summer breeze has almost come to an end. It’s a bittersweet goodbye but I am looking forward to falls, as they are the best season after spring. I love seasonal changes, from every sticky hot summer to bone chilling winter bites, they have their own beauty to enjoy. Through the years, I applaud myself for growing, not just physically but mentally. Over the years I was able to work on myself, work on my insecurities. And my insecurities ran deep. By insecurities I don’t mean comparing myself with other girls and finding myself short. It was more like resentment towards my parents and our life style. My family is just so busy all the time, even as a kid we were given way more responsibilities than any kid our age should ever take. We learnt so many things early in life; we were grateful but started resenting about all the things we were supposed to do but missed. All the cancelled family events because my folks were busy, all the school trips my brothers missed because my dad needed hands. Parents noshow in any of school functions. We were always groomed but didn't know what for. Banks, their interest, mortgages, Bank Guarantees, I knew most of it by the time I was old enough to call myself teenager. My siblings still work 15-18 hrs everyday, I choose to live little bit hence all these shopping (hahaa). I don’t blame my parents; they are who they are not by knowing right people in the system, not by luck, but through sheer hard work. They always wanted everything for us what they couldn’t have; along the way they might have got side tracked but now I am forever grateful for all the lessons taught in early stage of my life. Because looking at some people I know, its hard to instill the life lessons when you are grown ass. There are people who works 9-5 jobs and think no one else works as much as him. Hello! Adults here, that’s the least everyone should work.  And being able to afford nicer things on whim is not so bad ( laugh). Work hard everyone, your dreams are just one bottle away. Phew! Did I just bare my soul ? ( wink). 

xoxo                                                       Dress/ sheer Blouse : Aliexpress

C                                                             Boots : Public Desire Uk

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Two- Tone Denim

Last year, It was nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing a pair of skinnies with  a single-ripped knee. Likewise, this year skinny of the season is a two toned jeans. They have one pair slightly shorter Franken stitched onto the front of a longer pair in a different tone, not our regular hem.
I think this trend is a result of vetements effect-this truly is the jean style to test if you haven’t already . Two tonned jeans by Vetements are real treat for eyes but their 4 figure price tags prove to be prohibitive. So many other brands have offered affordable prices for the same style. This look really work for everyone, the look is great as they are forward enough, without being too much. I am always on hunt for the coolest denim, because I have long ago realized, I wear 20 jeans to 1 dress. If you think my ratio is crazy, well I wear jeans to work a lot, so I am working a lot, there isn’t much time when I am not working. Because my work involves getting dirty, I change my outfit daily.
I have this two tonned jeans in different styles, I have around 5 different styles and I shall be showing you guys gradually.  Cult brands like vetements and Frame might have ignited the fire, but these jeans sure have gained their momentum, with much iteration by many affordable brands. I even bought 2 of my 5 from Aliexpress. So, Jeans could be tad difficult in summer, I wear it because I am used to it. Those who can’t, I think you can wear jeans during rainy season, like how it has been raining last few weeks. Give this ensemble a try, I got complimented a lot, I think you should try it as well. Plus we got just few weeks of summer left, soon enough we would be seeking the comform of our favourite denims.

                                                    Jeans : H&M
                                                    Top : aliexpress
                                                     Heels : Charles and Keith ( click here )
                                                     Belt : ASOS

Friday, 4 August 2017

Rad Ruffle

I am pretty sure gingham/plaid is taking over as the print to wear this summer.  I adore how new styles have the classic preppy feel, but in a modernized kind of way. The cuts-from off Shoulders tp chic skirts, and the details, like fun flirty sleeves , especially ruffled like mine are exactly what print needs to stay relevant. No picnic table cloth looking styles ya know?
I am drown more towards blue and black gingham, but other looks equally adorbs, just not when I wear em (laugh ).
Are you ready to…..Ruffle?
Ruffles are so in trend right now , which makes me happy because they are incredibly feminine. There is something about this style that epitomizes the summer. Frills and ruffle are best kept simple, they speak volume on their own. I love wearing ruffle top with jeans, especially with blue cliché! But they look  so dope.
I bought this top last year or year before, not exactly sure when, I actually haven’t worn em because I seriously didn’t know how. These photos were taken at the beginning of the year, and  I deemed em not worthy on my blog. Lately, everyone has been wearing this print, posting and talking of this print. So, I changed by mind and decided to post em as I didn’t have anything better to post anyways. This ruffled top is vastly popular, I really don’t know which design house initially designed em, but now everyone retail outlets have em, judging by design, they look so Caroline Constas but maybe I am wrong.

Celine Candle heel Mule, mine one aren't the best replica but oh boy! they sure give one an eyegasm. If this shoe doen't define the perfect fushion of retro and modern, I don't know what does? They are cool in a subtle i am formal kinda way.Original one is so lit, but way beyond my means.
This summer Jeans from ASOS is the thinnest and lightest jeans I have ever known. Its perfect for summer and I just love snug fit jeans.