Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Valentine Suggestions: Single Ladies part 2

 Hi Readers,
I meant to update my blog few days ago because I have lot of outfits to get over with before valentine but last few days it rained crazy so when it stopped today I couldn't help but set out for a shoot. Good thing about summer here is it gets dark around 8:30 pm; these pictures were taken around 7pm and we made just in time for sun set.
 This look is for all single ladies( btw its the continuation of previous post), just because your single, it doesn't mean you have to look any lesser than those in relationship. Some of my single friends say they have no one to please so they don't bother much beautifying when we go out.I really believe that you owe yourself to look your best every time because it really helps with your self esteem and confidence.
okay! enough of prep talk and let me get to the chase.
 To all you single ladies who want to turn some head on valentine when partying with your girlfriends, I say, go for lace dresses. Lace dresses are so seductive( be sure to buy a tight fit one),its so sultry,so timeless and fashion forward, you look quite whimsical too. Mine is not complete lace dress,just my bodice part is lace with a sweetheart neckline and my favourite part is how it flutters from waist to add gorgeous hourglass shape. Keep accessories simple to let the dress do all the talking;
warning: May cause hearts to skip beats ( laugh)

 I love bow on it and how it has a peplum tier. My dress its backless,makes it look sexier but I forgot to take a snap from back so I will let your imagination do the rest. I love this round glasses and I love how it is so in these days, its the most covetable trend. I normally invest huge on my sunglasses, though I don't buy them often but when I do I find them worth the investment. I did some university assignment on sunglasses and on my research I found out that cheap sunnies do more harm than good and there is no compromises when it comes to your eyes.So, now why did I buy this cheap sunny knowing everything I just said? well first I don't wear them. I am planing to buy TOMFORD round glasses soon, I had to see if they really looked good on me because not all sunglasses fit on my nose and face ( laugh). Fashion advice, buy sunglasses and watches from an authentic brand, they are not something you have to change often ( if your rich enough then you certainly can) but I advice to be really careful when it comes to sunnies because in long run they can do real damage.
 I removed price tag of these shoes just a moment before a shoot. I bought these long time back but never really wore it. I matched my jacket and accessories to it. Did it turn out good or obvious tacky?
To dress red for valentine is little cliche so it doesn't hurt to try something different; don't ditch red completely,instead try to keep it minimal like wearing red lipstick or earrings.Hope this was helpful singles ladies?  more tips in next blog till then take care and have a good week.

 xoxo,                        Dress/sunnies : ASOS
C.                              Shoes : Guess
                                 Jacket : online
                                 accessories : Lovisa

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