Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Personalise, Customize and Minimize

Hello again!
Did I mention I take ample pictures in different outfits in a day during my off days. Well, while going through my drive, I found lot of pictures on summer outfits. Considering there is just a month left of a summer, I shall try to post twice a week. So, here I am with another post just after few days of my last post.  I was actually looking for an instant outfit, and I couldn't find anything better than this romper short.I hear many ladies say  that romper and jumpsuits were invented by lazy women. Because you don't really have to wear anything else with em, just pair a matching heels and viola here you have a ready- to- go-outfit. Personally, I like this onesie because you can style them with chic heels, or tone them down with cool trainers, sneakers, wedges and chunky sandals. Rompers and Jumpsuits are really what you make of em, hype it up with right accessories and heels for night outs and tone em down withs flats and sneakers, there you have a very casual outfit. You can personalise, customise and minimalise like i have with this look, just a handbag and nothing else. Since, this is not my first post on rompers, I'll  keep this post very short and sweet ( laugh).
Chloe Faye Bags are one of the most beautiful and practical bags. Its a rare find where beauty meets practicality. I have 4 faye bags in different sizes and colors, from all this bracelet faye is my favourite, in this shoot I removed their iconic chain which fastens from front. I just love this bag and it was so reasonable.

xoxo,                                                   Romper : ASOS (click here)
C.                                                         Sandal : ASOS ( click here)
                                                             Bag : Chloe Faye inspired

Friday, 22 July 2016

Summer's New Neckline: The Hatchling

Hey everyone!
I hope everyone is save and sound? With all the floods and landslides in the country, i ask everyone to be very careful with yourself and ones you care about. So, our workshop in Toorsa almost got hit by flood again, but this time around we were prepared and took precautionary measures days back, unlike many we weren't affected much. I hope everyone affected by this disaster overcome this tragedy and hopefully our government will do something about this flood which happen every monsoon season.

Today, I am gona talk about something that hugs you in right places, at the right time, pour tons of warmth, looks chic, any clues yet..?? They love your body. Knows your body. Flaunt your body....Noooo!! I am not talking about man in your lives (laugh). Its a thing you wear, that makes you feel sexy in a very retro and un-flaunting-flesh-sort-of-way. They cover you entirely and used to be massive hit back then in 90's. yes! I am talking about turtle neck dresses and tops (hehee, exaggerated much? )  Turtle neck as one of the mainstreams for winter is so 2013, tons of dresses and tops with high necks have been introduced as summer wear. They are not as high as stuffy winter turtle neck, you can call them a baby turtle (laugh). Neckline that elegantly extends up. Wear tight turtle neck dresses in sheer thin qualities, trust me, you would be introducing a very new look for summer. I like sleeveless than sleeved turtle dresses, keeping cool is easy in sleeveless. What beats this sophisticated dress is a baby turtle cropped tops, they are found in so many materials and I am just loving my collection, be it sleeveless or full. The hatchling was my undoing!

Addidas has been growing on me since last few years, hard not to when you are dating a bona fide addidas fan. He is someone who camps outside the store at the crack of a dawn, when some limited editions are released, I call it crazy, he calls it love (hahaha). Addidas tubular was the only sneakers I liked which I could afford. He suggested me few more but they were outrageously priced and I was like hell to the NOOO! I bought mine from bangkok and they are currently on sale (click here) , sadly they really don't have sizes and colors but don't you worry you can get em delivered to you on your door step ( click here) . They are much cheaper than buying from retail outlets.
 Puma's Kylie Jenner Fierce and Rihanna's Fenty robbed me dry like sahara desert (laugh). though they have set me back by little on my shopping spree, I am happy with these amazing sneakers. All I want to wear are sneakers and flatforms these days, signs of aging, maybe?
xoxo,                                               Dress : ASOS (click here)
C.                                                     Backpack : Moschino inspired
                                                         Sneakers : Addidas 

Thursday, 14 July 2016


Hey everyone!
So, I am sick of many people saying I am so predictable, I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone, not stick with the routine that my life has become, hence the post today (chuckles) . Seriously, I live such a routined life that sometimes I feel way older than my age. Even having a post on other days than sundays feel strange as if I have broken some kind of self imposed rules (hehehe).
  Just a short post on something I like to wear during summer. Kimonos are my summer favourite as they are breezy, comfy and just right piece to have for summer. When I heard kimono were a big trend for spring and summer, I was little confused, because only kimono I knew was traditional Japanese garment and I was bit worried for the fashion world. But the kimono we know off are really nothing like their traditional piece, I don't know why they are called by that name but its a trend you can't but love. Kimono jackets or cardigans ( or whatever they are called) are perfect for warm weathers as they are light, airy, but still covers you up and a great piece when you just want something on your shoulders. They go with dress, shorts, skirts, pants, leggings and yada yada. I bought my plaided long kimono from Zara india last year, they were priced Nu. 2900 but I got em on sale for just Nu 1500, cool huh? This is a summer staple you should totally incorporate in your wardrobe.

 These chunky laceup gladiators are really comfortable, many brands have lookalikes and they are widely popular. Jeffrey Campbell and Free People collaborated on Minimal laceup and they are THE MOST popular shoes from any brands which have very similar shoes. I Bought mine from F21 and they were very affordable. I have sold many of my shoes, but coudn't bring to sell these babies, they aren't really my favourite but something about em made me want to keep em for a very long haul.
xoxo,                      Kimono : ZARA
C.                           Top/ shorts : Bangkok
                               Shoes : Forever 21

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Summer Street Style

Hey everone!
I mean to keep this post short and sweet, sorry! that it took me weeks to come with new post but I have been otherwise occupied.  June and July are very hectic for me, with June closing and new financial year, I really have no time at all except for James Corden's carpool episodes. I watch carpool episodes and go to bed because they are short and fantastic. Coming back to this look, summer heat is terrible, getting dressed during the dog days of summer can be quite a task. Between the heat and the desire to do a whole lot of nothing, fashion can often take a back seat from June to August. However, it is possible to look stylish and be comfortable during the summer..the trick is knowing how. I don't really wear jeans during summer, but this ensemble is extremely do-able since it has been raining on and off. This summer season you can't beat the hype around off shoulder tops and mid calf summer boots. I shall run by you my collection of off shoulder tops and some summer boots which I bought from bangkok during my last visit and few from ASOS.

These boots are inspired from Isabel Marant Milwaukee. They are really more beautiful than they are comfortable. So, mid calf boots are an IT item of the season, never imagined a boot would be so hyped about that too in summer, ever since dior debuted their patent leather boots with chunky perspex heel, it has people drooling all over. I know I couldn't and would never spend that amount for shoes. It was just going to be that one heel that stayed in my wishlist forever. Until now! Public desire, a british based brand made my dream come true, by making a great replica of Dior booties. Click here and here as they are the great booties which I bought from ASOS for only $65 each and they are so worth it.Between my hoof heel replicas of dior and mid calf booties, I feel satisfied with my summer purchases.
 I love those pleated bag from Jessica Buurman, I think this time around I have more bags to flaunt than shoes, so keep reading guys!

xoxo,                                           Jeans : Forever21
C.                                                Top : Bkk
                                                    Boots : Isabel Marant inspired
                                                    Bag : Jessica Buurman ( out of stock now )