Thursday, 6 September 2018


Face it, everyone is a sucker for a cute pajama set. Whether you like your personal style to be reflected in your pajamas, or you’re just looking for something cozy to sleep in, creating a fashion statement out of your nighttime routine is an up-and-coming trend. Fashionista or not, who can say no to being comfortable and stylish while going to work, school, or just running errands? I have been dying to try this pajama Trend since I spotted most wearing em as streatwears. I was going through the streets Instagram to see the best ways to pull off the trend and how others were rocking em. I got clued in through some IG Models and I have worn my version and to me this emsemble looks laid back and makes cute OOTD. My suggestion to you guys is that the only thing you need to remember, that the pajama trend can be a bit tricky. To avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed, make sure the outfit is completely wrinkle-free! I know – duh – BUT this small tweak can take you from “oh, NO” to “oh, YES ”.

With new trends, such as this one, it can be hard to know where to start, and how to meld it with your own individual style. Doing some research can be very fun and helpful on gaining inspiration for styling. So, is this trend fab or drab ? and yeah hello September ! 

xoxo,                        Crop Top : Forever 21

C                              Pajama Set/ Heels : ZARA

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Basket bag trend

Sometimes all I need in outfit is comfort and simplicity and sometimes I just want to vamp my look, torture myself in 5-inch heels, play dress up and feel pretty. Don’t judge me, this girl is fickle and proud of it (laugh). I am the slim top and curvy bottom body type, pleated skirt covers and hide some unwanted to see areas, that’s why I have been wearing and buying different styles of pleats.  I avoid wearing shorts because they are so unflattering on my body type. I try to wear groovy tops with my pleated skirts, to ensure I look stylish but hides what needs to stay hidden (ahem! * cough* ahem! my legs ) hahaa.
Of course, if you are a skinny and tall girl, then you might go for different kind of styles, by combining voluminous tops with lush skirts, but we all are different and have our own insecurities. I am neither skinny nor tall so I stick with my comfort zone when it comes to my OOTDS.  “Love yourself as how you are” is easily said than done. But I am working on it but I can never overcome certain insecurities no matter how much I tried. I could never go to nightclub not wearing heels because I know 3-5 inches on me might not seem to others as vast improvement in height department but with heels I walk as tall and proudly as Gigi Freaking Hadid (laugh). This look is ideal for spring and summer wear, as I like to go for the one that is lush and airy. Pleated skirt is a hit or miss thing for many girls I know, so are u team pleat or anti ? 

Since basket bags are so popular, the options are literally countless, and there’s a straw bag for any fashion taste and style, from rounded to the tote to the classic oversized design. As much as we try not follow the crowd /trend , we are just brain washed by the social medias by the amount of regularity we see those products, myself included, I found myself buying all the types mentioned above. I got carried away so I bough more than I should have. They don’t really make a good work functional bag so they sit in my shelf like most of my other bags. Would I recommend anyone? No! I wouldn’t but if you have money to spare, why not for fashion’s sake?

xoxo,                                               Skirt : Zara ( click here )
C.                                                     Top : Zara ( click here )
                                                         Bag : Zara ( click here )
                                                         Heels : Public Desire

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Normal is Boring

Hi everyone,
It’s been really long without any update. These pictures weren’t meant for blog but pictures came quite dope, I cannot not post em. I was in Paro to run some errand at airport so until the arrival of our flight; I had some time to kill. I definitely enjoy wearing my flip flops and sandals come summertime, but somehow wearing good pair of boots in summer makes me feel chic- blame the celebrities who make those looks so chic. In Phuntsholing, if I wore boots, I might give my feet some serious heat stroke (hahha) . So, I had to wear em in Thimphu-Paro as they have the best weather in summer. Some may feel a bit apprehension when wearing boots in the summer- because how can you keep comfortable on hot summer days wearing something designed to keep your footsie extra warm? well  in my defense it was sorta raining a bit. I find girls who wear boots with dresses extra edgy and on point .  So, maybe ya all should give it a try, eh? They might look better with your summer OOTDs than your well-worn. 

Zara always rolls their fall collections with beautiful pieces of boots, and I couldn’t be more Impressed. They always have expensive-looking, on trend, as expected at very reasonable prices and like always selling out. These black with silver heel stunners has a sock-like fit, fitting perfectly to everyone with their stretchy material. I had em in my wish list for a long time, so finally getting my hands on em made me euphoric. When I was in Bangkok this January, I almost bought them ,when I thought I could buy em anytime as stores had plenty in stock. Shortly after I left for Singapore for a week, on my return, to my dismay these were totally sold-out. They have restocked these and sold out so many times that I have lost count. In sell-out situation for Zara, my best advice is to sign up for email notifications for your size. They reach you through email that is how I bought my pair. BTW this jean is from Zara as well, and I proudly claim as my favourite, adore those irregular shreds at the end  and lastly its comfort.
 Maybe to thoose who have keen eyes must have noticed I have worn my GG belt upside down ( laugh) . Well my Photographer thought that was how it was supposed to go and I didn't realise until I saw those pictures. 

Xoxo,                                                   Jeans : Zara ( out of stock )
C.                                                         Boots : Zara (click here )
                                                             Tee : F21 ( Similiar here )
                                                             Belt : Gucci ( Copy)

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Fall brings with it some very exciting changes: cooler temperature, semester ends /begins, new tech products (I can’t wait for my IPhone X) and of course, fashion.

Fall for me is warm sweaters, coats, leather boots and sneakers. I just love incorporating sneakers in daily outfits. In order to track down the latest trends for this fall and beyond (winter obviously), I have been following few trendsetters for clues. Few of the trends that really interested me are :

1.       Brocade Fabric
I love those jackets, which has our Goeche vibe, feels like something made at home.

2.       70s Plaid
This season we see resurgence of 70s plaid, a slightly different take on traditional tartan. Plaids from 70s typically has a larger check, I went little overboard and shopped quite a lot of Plaids, mostly jackets and pants.

Embroidery has been growing trend for  few seasons. I just love embroidered bomber jackets and sweaters.

Totally unrelated to this outfit, I know, but I have nothing to say on this look because I have done similar post before. AND once in a while I like being fashion police ( laugh ) . Those above trends are something I have invested in and I just can’t to blog on em. Nothing much to say other than stay warm and stylish, don't get frost bites people because it sure is getting colder !