Tuesday, 25 April 2017

When do you stop wearing boots?

Yay spring time! Don't you just love this season? Everything has started blossoming, all I see is green everywhere and I just can't wait to enjoy the beauty and warmth it has to offer.

spring and summer are a bittersweet time for many fashion lovers, while we celebrate the return of flirty little dresses, rompers and whites, we also know its time to stop wearing our winter favourites. Just because weather makes it optimal to give our feet a little extra air doesn't mean we are thrilled about it. I don't know about you guys, but I am not quite ready to give up on mine just yet. Boots are kind of the best (wink). While knee high and over the knee options might be little too suffocating for summer, in Bhutan they work just fine for spring. And ankle boots for summer, nothing beats ankle boots with dresses and shorts.

Sweaters are totally do-able in springs in bhutan, especially during rainy days like right now. If i could do this shoot again, I would probably do laces on my sweater well ( hahaa) they look hideous in here.  I would love to recreate this look with one of the hottest trends this season-oversized printed t shirt with plunge neck line. Buy similar like mine here, here and here. You should really get these shirts if you haven't already.

xoxo,                                                              Sweater : Aliexpress
C.                                                                   Boots : stuart weitzman highland inspired
                                                                       Handbag : Guess
                                                                       Jeans : ASOS

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How adult are you?

So, I have been asking myself lately, how adult am I? When I was younger, I begged, pleaded and bartered to sit at the "grown-up " table. Adults talking about business, relationships, struggles fascinated me. Yes! I was one of those kids who coudn't wait to grow up. Because I was such a book warm , I thought I knew  all about adulthood. I used to think I was way matured and wiser than my peers, always looked down my adult nose on em ( hehee) . Now, not only am I an adult but its so different than I thought it'd be. Like hard different. Its nice knowing I am tax paying citizen, but I have had to learn some important adulting lessons the hard way. "Driving or going on ride on weekend is a waste of gas ", I had one of those thoughts lately and I burst out laughing, realising I was all grown up now. When my boyfriend talks about some limited edition sneakers, movies or latest episode of GOT, I roll my eyes and I go "please babe not right now". Sometimes I cannot believe those were our topics of conversations.  He says its because I associate more with adults and have more responsibilities than him. We both straddled the line between adolescence and adulthood with the same wobbly flair. But I feel my soul is way older than him. I don't shop even half as I used to, I dont feel the need. No insecurity or petty jealousy or rivalry. I am just Happy as I am and what I could be if I worked harder.
I still do love when people say I am hardworking and wise for my age though (wink) .  I think I am ready for next phase in life, don't be surprised if you find me knocked up ( haha).
I think I just shared my real  life epiphany!

Coming to actual post, minimal monochromatic outfit is always a winning look! there is no secret trick to wearing all white- everyone can pull it off and look absolutely gorgeous. If I were to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of wearing whites. With the nature of my job, three dogs and the very fact that I stay in Bhutan, I am one laundry day or coffee mishap away from a disaster, right? And my those stain don't go easy. The very fact that I had to change right after shoot because I caught some stain on my pant proves white and me have some issues we will never ger over with. However, when I am brave enough to don a white clothing, I enjoy tossing bit of colors, probably mix with darker shades. So, are you a risk taker with white or do you buy em just to hang em in your closet like me.
I have tried to pair my faux fur jacket with my furry zara sandals. I think it was a fitting outfit to bid farewell to cold snowy winter.   I shall update a next post pretty soon, until then stay beautiful and stylish.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

We Wore What

Dear Readers,
Here I am with another short post. Winter weather got you down? Are you one of those wishing for little bit of warmth? There I was thinking it was getting tad warmer and temperature takes a drastic downfall. I don’t waste my time wishing what is beyond anybody’s hand, it will get warm when its time to get warm. But staying warm by dressing cozy is all on you.  I want to wrap myself in sweaters, blanket, scarves and all thing winter cozy. Its really hard for me to winterize my outfit, as I feel all those layering seem drab and something not blog-worthy. In this outfit ensemble, I am wearing a long sweater cardigan; they are warm but not crazy warm for our weather.  Would I ever wear my ripped jeans with this sweater in this crazy cold weather? My answer is No.  I am always overly and heavily dressed. People always tell me I dress like I live in Atlantic (laugh).  This outfit ensemble is exclusively for blog. I think I would love to wear something like this when it becomes bit warmer. 
Jeffrey Campbell cromwell, they are chic as they come. These slight slit boots are becoming wardrobe staple and I can't wait to explore and experiment this trend further. Buy these beauties from Karmaloop.

xoxo,                                      Boots : JC ( click here)
C                                            Jeans : Asos  ( click here )
                                               Sweater Cardigan : Dotti ( old collection )
                                                cami top : Bkk

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

2017 : Cape Addiction

 Dear Readers,
Happy 2017! I hope this new year brings you all the success and happiness of this world, just don't forget to work for it. There is something refreshing about the start of the new year. My inner cynic says its just another year whilst my inner optimist goes crazy at the idea of a whole new blank page to fill up , new mistakes and owning up to em. New year has been great for me, from getting engaged to new car from my brother and I intend to make same amazing start in my work as well as hitting refresh on my blog contents.

Cape trend has never been as big as it was in 2014-2015 , Burberry plaided cape was a huge success and I think I am still hungover that trend, I just love capes. While cozy capes hardly exist but they  sure scream loud and clear as statement piece. They make any outfit ensemble look so chic and stylish. They have become much experimental over the years, I have yet to experiment floor length and military style as I am bit reluctant for obvious reasons. My height would always be my biggest insecurity.  I like coat version more than the poncho, poncho version is more fancy, interpreted in a boho-chic way whereas the coat version is more snug fit, elegant and has a formal vibe all over. I had my fill of poncho style back in university days, so I incline more towards coat style these days yet my model is wearing poncho style and I think they look quite nice. They may not be the warmest piece for winter but they sure are to turn some heads. So, my first ever post of 2017 shall be short and I promise to write more in next update!

 I just adore this hoof aka bent in heels.And its a bonus that mine are in suede. They became quite a trend in 2013 when Christian dior had massive collections of these beautiful pumps. I just have few lookalikes of CD, I shall show em in future posts.
                                               Jeans : Liquor & Poker ( via asos) click here 
                                               Cape : New Chic ( click here )
                                               Heels : Aliexpress
                                               Top : Bkk

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Whacky trend yet worth your while

 Hey Everyone!
I am sorry I have been a little quite lately. I've been a little busy! Not only do I work full time job, I have books to read, 3 dogs to feed, a part time blogger and a girlfriend, and now a cook too (laugh). Our Cook quit so we have been managing on our own until we find the replacement. LOL. There are NOT enough hours in a day Phew!
Coming back to post, this year has been about off shoulders and bell sleeves! The extra-flowy bell sleeve extends well past the wrist in an asymmetrical silhouette and makes dressing up or down too exciting. Bell sleeve is perfect for making fun, bold statement during the cold winer months. Don't you just adore the sleeve on my top? It has this flirty yet dramatic look that I just love. I think they look cool with my button up mini skirt from f21. I can think of many ways to wear this with midi skirts, skinny jeans and shorts. This trend leans towards the dramatic, but its a statement maker, worn with slim separates or styled simply with jeans, bells are guaranteed to up the cool factor in any outfit ensemble. This top is so inspired by the Celine from their 2015 collection. Read here how other bloggers have worn their celine bell sleeve.
 These boots are inspired by Celine Rodeo. They are not the exact replica but quite close. Stupid as it might sound, I bought these as a trial since they were lot cheaper than the wooden heels. Wooden heels being the exact replica. Before I spent hundreds of dollar, I wanted to give this cheaper replica a go,plus this one had a hoof heels, hoof heels being my greatest weakness in heels. This one costed me $30 and they are quite nice. I ll show you wooden heel version in upcoming post.
 I don't think my fashion choices are influenced much by crowd. I choose selective trending pieces in fashion world and talk about those I like . I always feel the need to test-drive a style thats currently trending in the fashion world. I have experimented few times with bell sleeves tops and they have really grown on me. Maybe you guys should test drive as well? Till then take care, stay trendy and be happy.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Denim's Cheat sheet

 Hey Everyone!
I just love the Background where these photos were taken. Since my photographer is relatively new to cameras and she doesn't do well with big ass lens,  most of my pictures have come blurry and out of focus. Truth be told,this new lens is heavy and complicated even for me.
Coming back to the post, this is a very simple everyday outfit. I actually wanted to do post on my buckled cut out bootie with B-Low bri bri belt, unfortunately I couldn't open my accessories drawer because i misplaced my keys. They have a very similar buckle style so I thought they would go well with my ripped jeans. But jokes on me that I couldn't even open the drawer ( hahaa) . Now that fall is almost over and winter comes knocking, we constantly look for outfit ideas that are stylish at the same time warm and comfortable, then there is no better staple than sweaters. Sweaters work great as layering piece, they alone aren't warm enough for place like Bhutan. However, its no secret anything looks good with ripped jeans, ripped jeans with sweater and over jackets is the coolest winter ensemble I know how. The trick to making ripped jeans look pulled together and not too Gun N roses is to pair em with basic staples, like simple sweater, blouse, a great stilettos or wedged sandals, a utility jackets or over coats. Keeping it simple is ripped denim's cheat sheet. If ripped jeans are paired with too fancy tops and jackets, they come sloppy and decidedly inappropriate, thats why most parents shake their heads in disapproval when they see our outfits ( laugh) . I should have added a jacket to this look for more winter appropriate outfit but these pictures were taken weeks ago when days were quite warm.

These glass wedge is a new fascination of mine, I have always assumed they would be over the top heavy for a shoe so never really even considered em, but I couldn't have been more wrong. They are quite light and comfortable.
As mentioned earlier, I meant to  wear this cut out bootie with the B-low bri bri Belt and how I couldn't , I looked ridiculous in that boot with a ripped jeans which is quite parallel and not skinny at all. So, I Improvised  and decided to add little bit of girliness, I wore these glass wedges and I think they turned out alright.  Anyway Guys have a good week and I shall see you soon with new post.

 xoxo                                             Jeans : ASOS ( click here)
C.                                                   Boots : ASOS ( click here)
                                                       Sweater/Wedge heel : Aliexp ( here and here)

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Cropped Kick Flare Jeans

Hey Everyone!
I am assuming most Bhutanese visited various lhakhangs and avoided eating meat all together. As growing up I found not eating meat during dhizangs quite hypocritical. Now that I am older, I realise at least in the name of Dhizang, people avoid meat atleast for a day.
Back to the post, if there is one denim trend you should try this fall, its hand down the cropped wide leg jeans. This culottes style jeans are this season's must have, since your skinny jeans aren't going nowhere, why don't you give this trend a try? I personally love this trend and I can't wait to show you more similar pieces in Black and darker Blue. 'Kick Flare' trend as they are so referred have jeans in so many widths that they give you a customised feeling, for example there is a cropped bootcut, slightly wider cropped straight leg ( like mine) , flare that starts from knee, wide leg that hits mid calf or ankle. It feels like there is a different length and style  for everyone , atleast one of these would is sure to fit you to your taste. Wheather you chose to pair em with sneakers, heels or flats, they are jeans that are a great addition to your collection and are sure to become your staple piece that you would want to wear from  time to time to spruce your daily look. If you are in a seriously cold climate, try it with classic straight jackets, sweaters, cozy scarves and ankle boots.

These calfskin translucent heel boots are everywhere, they are very hard to ignore even if you wanted. As initially inspired by dior, these lookalikes from other brands are not bad at all. Mine are from Public Desire, they make one of the best designer inspired shoes in most affordable prices. You should definitely check their website. I ll try to bring few more fall outfits before Fall is really over, till then take care and work hard.

                                              Top : Cotton on ( old collection)
                                               Jeans : ASOS
                                               Heels : Public Desire ( via asos) click here