Thursday, 9 November 2017


Fall brings with it some very exciting changes: cooler temperature, semester ends /begins, new tech products (I can’t wait for my IPhone X) and of course, fashion.

Fall for me is warm sweaters, coats, leather boots and sneakers. I just love incorporating sneakers in daily outfits. In order to track down the latest trends for this fall and beyond (winter obviously), I have been following few trendsetters for clues. Few of the trends that really interested me are :

1.       Brocade Fabric
I love those jackets, which has our Goeche vibe, feels like something made at home.

2.       70s Plaid
This season we see resurgence of 70s plaid, a slightly different take on traditional tartan. Plaids from 70s typically has a larger check, I went little overboard and shopped quite a lot of Plaids, mostly jackets and pants.

Embroidery has been growing trend for  few seasons. I just love embroidered bomber jackets and sweaters.

Totally unrelated to this outfit, I know, but I have nothing to say on this look because I have done similar post before. AND once in a while I like being fashion police ( laugh ) . Those above trends are something I have invested in and I just can’t to blog on em. Nothing much to say other than stay warm and stylish, don't get frost bites people because it sure is getting colder !

Sunday, 22 October 2017


I always found it weird in movies when people suffered from indigestion, especially in those Korean dramas we all grew up watching. They used to sort of poke/pierce their fingers with sharp niddles. Today, I am suffering from acute stomach problem, no pain, just my stomach is so unsettled and it’s so damn uncomfortable. I guess this is my first time suffering from Acidity.

Coming back to the post, no one can separate me from my sleek, classic biker leather jacket. Its first thing I thought of unpacking as soon it got bit colder. Leather Jackets are little more expensive and they aren’t the warmest piece but its something we all got to own, at least a piece.The one I am wearinf is from Zara, it costed around 4990 baht , they had in several colours but only had black in my size. I have several leather and suede jackets that I so wanna blog about, they are really trending right now.
Do you guys follow blogger Erica Hoida? I think her blog goes by name fashionedchic, she wears the most beautiful and trendy biker leather and suede jackets. She always wears these lightweight jackets and jeans that she convinces you somehow to invest more on those trendy pieces.
More than leather, I am into suede, they are expensive and require a bit more attention, since they don’t do well with spills and stains. But they really elevate your look. They make you look really grovy , so this is one trend I can say is tried-and-true thingy.
This season, there is a suede jacket for every taste and style-from trendy hues like mustard yellow and pale pink to versatile staples like black and grey. Some are lightweight and some heavier, to make you get through winter. My leather on leather pairing, is it a hit or miss? ( wink) 


 Biker Leather jacket : Zara
                                                skirt/ Cami Top  :ASOS
                                                Boots : H&M

Friday, 13 October 2017

FFS : Fall Fashion Statement

 Its time to put your crop tops and shorts away to prepare for crisper weather.But the arrival of colder months doesn’t mean you can’t show off your flair for fashion.

When I started blogging, these tweed jackets were so in fashion but gradually they became non-existence. However, this season they are back with the bang! One thing that you should keep in mind while dressing and wearing tweed, is that you wear with something light underneath, do not jam-pack yourself with chunky sweater or detailed tops, jacket alone do wonders and miracles. Since I have done few posts on culottes and off shoulders, lets not waste time rehashing about em. Drab outerwear, mostly jackets and blazers can make or break your look. So, choose a pretty tweed as they aren’t very cheap if you buy from good brands. I always found tweed priced outrageously, cmon! We know they look good but they sure as hell don’t deserve a price of a thick furry winter jackets. I know I took more pictures not wearing tweed than I did wearing it, and still here I am dedicating whole post to it. WHy? well NewYork, London, Milan and Paris fashion week had so many of tweeds that I knew what trends are in store for us in 2017-18 fall winter collections. 
  These Chirstian Louboutin Snakilta inspired booties, pretty as they may seem with multi colored studs, they are the worst and most uncomfortable shoes I have had a misfortune of wearing. They hurt my feets so bad, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? hahaa
So, my boyfriend is back in country, he is a videographer ( that’s what he calls himself haha) . We intend to make a good lookbook videos but please don’t expect anytime soon ( wink) . He has all these ideas and he has all the equipment, and I have so many new boots and heels to flaunt, so many pd baes (Public desire). But sadly, we don’t have time. Give us a month or two and we shall have a kickass video of our vacation and  compilation of fall/winter outfits.
                                            Tweed Jacket/ Culottes : ZARA
                                             Bag : Charles&Keith
                                              Bodysuit top : ASOS