Thursday, 22 June 2017

Head Over Heel

Believe it or not, we shot this look in the aftermath of a light rainfall. Hail, rain or sunshine, I was dying to do post on this pink side slit culottes. This pant is beautiful and I can’t get enough. Culottes are the most versatile piece.  They are not pants, nor shorts, or skirts, not too long, not too short . Yet..sloppy they are not. In fact they are everything but, and they are nicely structured, polished  and makes you look super chic and trendy.  If you are gunning for something stylish without exposing much skin, culottes are your answers. Frankly I think we need to take a break , at least temporarily , with cutoffs and shorts, embrace more feminine, less sexy-by-exposure trends, and more sexy-by-style looks. Culottes come in million different styles, not millions per se but you know what I mean. Culottes by definition are supposed to be knee length but I call all wide leg pants Culottes. So, I am infact talking about all types of wide leg pants not knee lengths alone.  I Bought some from ASOS , few really wowed me with their style and quality. These two stood out the most, click here and here. And of course the best one was the one I am wearing for this post.

Have you been on team Perspex since dior AW15? I have but how many of us actually have dior sized bank balance? These crystal heels sandals and dior naked boots costs more than US$ 1k , so I found my dupes for less than £40.  Styling up these beauties is easy, making sexy statement wherever you go and whatever you wear em with.  I really am head over heels for these heels ( laugh).  
 On totally un- related note, how has your June been? Mine has been super hectic. June closing is a BITCH, but am really looking forward to some leisure time after this month. 
xoxo,                                     Top : aliexpress
C                                      Culottes : ASOS ( click here)
                                         Heels : Public Desire ( similar here)
                                          Bag : Prada Inspired

Sunday, 11 June 2017


Hey everyone!
Been long time huh people? Can you believe how hot it has become, especially during a day, even Thimphu is no exception.  So this was one of those ootds that got complimented a lot, I decided to recreate this look for my blog. If I had to pick only one summer trend from all trends it would be off shoulder tops. I'm loving the off shoulder trend for the summer, it creates a carefree look and great for hot summer days!The off-shoulder neckline has been popular with women for decades. Shoulder-baring is sexy without being obvious; chic without being attention-grabbing. There is a breezy nonchalance to it and you can go no wrong with off- shoulders. They pretty much go with everything. Now this summer I am gona experiment this style with ruflled, floral and colorful renditions, almost all the styles are keepers. I am in love with this style big time!
Today, I am keeping my post short and sweet and I assure that there are lot of off-shoulder looks coming soon on my blog.

xoxo,                                       Top : ASOS ( click here )
                                               Culottes : ASOS ( click here)
C.                                           Sneakers : ZARA Bangkok
                                               Choker : H&M 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

When do you stop wearing boots?

Yay spring time! Don't you just love this season? Everything has started blossoming, all I see is green everywhere and I just can't wait to enjoy the beauty and warmth it has to offer.

spring and summer are a bittersweet time for many fashion lovers, while we celebrate the return of flirty little dresses, rompers and whites, we also know its time to stop wearing our winter favourites. Just because weather makes it optimal to give our feet a little extra air doesn't mean we are thrilled about it. I don't know about you guys, but I am not quite ready to give up on mine just yet. Boots are kind of the best (wink). While knee high and over the knee options might be little too suffocating for summer, in Bhutan they work just fine for spring. And ankle boots for summer, nothing beats ankle boots with dresses and shorts.

Sweaters are totally do-able in springs in bhutan, especially during rainy days like right now. If i could do this shoot again, I would probably do laces on my sweater well ( hahaa) they look hideous in here.  I would love to recreate this look with one of the hottest trends this season-oversized printed t shirt with plunge neck line. Buy similar like mine here, here and here. You should really get these shirts if you haven't already.

xoxo,                                                              Sweater : Aliexpress
C.                                                                   Boots : stuart weitzman highland inspired
                                                                       Handbag : Guess
                                                                       Jeans : ASOS

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How adult are you?

So, I have been asking myself lately, how adult am I? When I was younger, I begged, pleaded and bartered to sit at the "grown-up " table. Adults talking about business, relationships, struggles fascinated me. Yes! I was one of those kids who coudn't wait to grow up. Because I was such a book warm , I thought I knew  all about adulthood. I used to think I was way matured and wiser than my peers, always looked down my adult nose on em ( hehee) . Now, not only am I an adult but its so different than I thought it'd be. Like hard different. Its nice knowing I am tax paying citizen, but I have had to learn some important adulting lessons the hard way. "Driving or going on ride on weekend is a waste of gas ", I had one of those thoughts lately and I burst out laughing, realising I was all grown up now. When my boyfriend talks about some limited edition sneakers, movies or latest episode of GOT, I roll my eyes and I go "please babe not right now". Sometimes I cannot believe those were our topics of conversations.  He says its because I associate more with adults and have more responsibilities than him. We both straddled the line between adolescence and adulthood with the same wobbly flair. But I feel my soul is way older than him. I don't shop even half as I used to, I dont feel the need. No insecurity or petty jealousy or rivalry. I am just Happy as I am and what I could be if I worked harder.
I still do love when people say I am hardworking and wise for my age though (wink) .  I think I am ready for next phase in life, don't be surprised if you find me knocked up ( haha).
I think I just shared my real  life epiphany!

Coming to actual post, minimal monochromatic outfit is always a winning look! there is no secret trick to wearing all white- everyone can pull it off and look absolutely gorgeous. If I were to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of wearing whites. With the nature of my job, three dogs and the very fact that I stay in Bhutan, I am one laundry day or coffee mishap away from a disaster, right? And my those stain don't go easy. The very fact that I had to change right after shoot because I caught some stain on my pant proves white and me have some issues we will never ger over with. However, when I am brave enough to don a white clothing, I enjoy tossing bit of colors, probably mix with darker shades. So, are you a risk taker with white or do you buy em just to hang em in your closet like me.
I have tried to pair my faux fur jacket with my furry zara sandals. I think it was a fitting outfit to bid farewell to cold snowy winter.   I shall update a next post pretty soon, until then stay beautiful and stylish.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

We Wore What

Dear Readers,
Here I am with another short post. Winter weather got you down? Are you one of those wishing for little bit of warmth? There I was thinking it was getting tad warmer and temperature takes a drastic downfall. I don’t waste my time wishing what is beyond anybody’s hand, it will get warm when its time to get warm. But staying warm by dressing cozy is all on you.  I want to wrap myself in sweaters, blanket, scarves and all thing winter cozy. Its really hard for me to winterize my outfit, as I feel all those layering seem drab and something not blog-worthy. In this outfit ensemble, I am wearing a long sweater cardigan; they are warm but not crazy warm for our weather.  Would I ever wear my ripped jeans with this sweater in this crazy cold weather? My answer is No.  I am always overly and heavily dressed. People always tell me I dress like I live in Atlantic (laugh).  This outfit ensemble is exclusively for blog. I think I would love to wear something like this when it becomes bit warmer. 
Jeffrey Campbell cromwell, they are chic as they come. These slight slit boots are becoming wardrobe staple and I can't wait to explore and experiment this trend further. Buy these beauties from Karmaloop.

xoxo,                                      Boots : JC ( click here)
C                                            Jeans : Asos  ( click here )
                                               Sweater Cardigan : Dotti ( old collection )
                                                cami top : Bkk