Friday, 13 October 2017

FFS : Fall Fashion Statement

 Its time to put your crop tops and shorts away to prepare for crisper weather.But the arrival of colder months doesn’t mean you can’t show off your flair for fashion.

When I started blogging, these tweed jackets were so in fashion but gradually they became non-existence. However, this season they are back with the bang! One thing that you should keep in mind while dressing and wearing tweed, is that you wear with something light underneath, do not jam-pack yourself with chunky sweater or detailed tops, jacket alone do wonders and miracles. Since I have done few posts on culottes and off shoulders, lets not waste time rehashing about em. Drab outerwear, mostly jackets and blazers can make or break your look. So, choose a pretty tweed as they aren’t very cheap if you buy from good brands. I always found tweed priced outrageously, cmon! We know they look good but they sure as hell don’t deserve a price of a thick furry winter jackets. I know I took more pictures not wearing tweed than I did wearing it, and still here I am dedicating whole post to it. WHy? well NewYork, London, Milan and Paris fashion week had so many of tweeds that I knew what trends are in store for us in 2017-18 fall winter collections. 
  These Chirstian Louboutin Snakilta inspired booties, pretty as they may seem with multi colored studs, they are the worst and most uncomfortable shoes I have had a misfortune of wearing. They hurt my feets so bad, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? hahaa
So, my boyfriend is back in country, he is a videographer ( that’s what he calls himself haha) . We intend to make a good lookbook videos but please don’t expect anytime soon ( wink) . He has all these ideas and he has all the equipment, and I have so many new boots and heels to flaunt, so many pd baes (Public desire). But sadly, we don’t have time. Give us a month or two and we shall have a kickass video of our vacation and  compilation of fall/winter outfits.
                                            Tweed Jacket/ Culottes : ZARA
                                             Bag : Charles&Keith
                                              Bodysuit top : ASOS

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Hello October!

Hey everyone!
Can you believe there are just 2 months of 2017, I feel so old ( sigh! ) .These are very old pictures, for whatever reasons I didn’t post em. My only assumption is that I might have forgotten, since I found em in my old drive (haha).  My earnest followers must have noticed in few of my recent updates that I have gained a lot of weight. When you work round the clock, despite common misconception that you lose weight when you burn more calories working is an utter BS. When you work a lot, you are hungry a lot, you eat a lot, but you don’t work out a lot, so you gain weight a lot (laugh). With little bit of exercise in my busy lifestyle and little bit of diet, I weigh 49 now. It has been so hard on me to cut down on my junks, yes! I am a total junkie, not a crack addict junkie, but a pizza or burger over any square meal junkie. I don’t wana go back to my skinny days because I was criticized more than I was complimented, except for one friend who thinks weighing 45 is fat ( wink). I just need to tone down and build some muscles now.

Coming back to blog, with summer gone, we think shorts during cold weather may not seem to make a ton of sense, but we do it anyways. You know, for fashion. Especially considering the fact that some of the best summer sales on summer staples like shorts happen in fall. It makes sense that we want to buy em and put em in use. Right now its still hot during day, we can always add stocking, blazer or boots to it and you can wear em even in evenings.I shall write more in next update

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Shirtify thyself

Once in a while, a trend appears on the runway, trickles down to every mall, and they even reach stores in Bhutan (which surprises me a lot) in such a short span of time. And one of those trends is a shirtdress. Shirtdresses are everywhere because they are foolproof, comfy, requires no forethought, and they are just so versatile.  They are good investment because you get so many looks out of one staple piece.  I personally adore plain white shirtdress as I like going for that minimalistic yet not a boring look.  If it’s long enough, you can keep it as it is and wear it on its own like how I have for this blog update.  You can accessories with a belt , hat and if it is rather short, you can wear em with a short, mini skirt, or Jeans. Shirtdress is one of those few pieces which are fuss-free, no-nonsense and effortless piece of clothing. There isn’t much to think about when putting together a look based on shirtdress, just pay attention to what shoes you are going to wear and that’s all about it.
So, that’s all for today, for more details tune in next time! Ciao!

Btw how gorgeous are these Pd babes? I love Public Desire heels, mostly their boot collections. I have collected very beautiful pieces and it makes me wana blog just to show case these beauties. This time around I am not investing at all in stilettos and intead on chunky heels because no matter how gorgeous they might be, they hurt your feet like son of b**ches. Mostly all my new boots have reasonable heights, because I am trying to actually buy shoes I could wear and not just blog on em and dump em in some corner.

                                                                  Dress :ASOS ( click here )
                                                                  Heels : Public Desire ( click here)