Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Another Love Affair

                                                                             Howdy everyone!
 I meant to post this look way earlier as I did give a preview a long time back. This year has been the least active year for me as a blogger since I haven't had much updates. I really have busy life and there are too many things I enjoy so I really have to prioritise how I spend my free time. I guess if you want something bad enough, you can squeeze time for it in between your schedules.

As a short person, any hem that extends past the knee length has traditionally given me a pause. Legs are my strong suit, having skinny legs and all that (wink). I wanted to flaunt my legs yet wear this top, so I chose the tightest skinny jeans I own, this pant is so stretchy and comfy. Slim, well tailored and snug fit have been my choice by default. I am so bored with snug fits that any over sized and long line garments catch my attention, taking my anti-fit so seriously ( laugh). Don't over size everything, long length and oversized tops work best when paired with slim or skinny bottoms to create a contrast. Oversizing every part of your outfit puts you on a fast track to the 1990s and not in a good way. Mint green and Aqua Blue hues give your fashion basic a whole new twist in a very refreshing way. I am loving these hues irrespective of any seasons, its a love affair I refuse to end anytime soon
This is my first time in experimenting Body Chains. I can tell you there is a bit of sexiness, enticement and empowerment a body chain gives you. Body chains are relatively new to Bhutanese girls,   I wore this ensemble to one of the nights out, and in my little way I stood out. As a matter of fact, these pictures were taken right before I went out hence the dark picture as it was taken at almost a nightfall. 

This shoe is Jimmy Choo Typhoon inspired. They are  really popular among celebrities especially the nude one

xoxo,                                              Top  : River Island via ASOS ( here )
C.                                                   Pant: Monki Via ASOS ( here )
                                                       Heels : Jimmy Choo Typhoon inspired

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