Sunday, 30 September 2012

SHe Finds

Hi everyone!
Before you go all wow and assume that these models are from our team , sorry to disappoint hehee..these pictures are from some online sites where i shopped and i really love how these pictures are taken. I love photography as much as i love fashion and shopping. I find these pictures very real, natural and oh la la their figures not to mention makeups and hair awe-inspiring. I just wanted to share my finds.
I have this thing for pale-ish skin tone, I guess pale is new tan for me. I wonder how they have very shiny and glowing skin, especially their legs.

 I love jersey hood denim jackets. You can totally rock with grunge jacket with all the flair. This hooded jacket keeps you warm while looking stylish that is perfect for concert or on  brisk Spring/ Autumn days. I don't really pair my denim hood with boyfriend jeans, i usually wear em with tights. But i think it pairs well with Boyfriend Jeans too, Boyfriend Jeans usually give slouchy masculine silhoutte so if you are someone who prefers that look, you can definitely wear it with girly chiffon blouse or cropped tees. Hope u liked my quick post.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dress code: When is casual too casual?

Hey Folks,
Are you ready for fall? Spring for people who live in my part of the world. I am not really sure if this outfit and whole getup is worth sharing but I love how pictures turned out and since we did mention we would be more focused on “out fit of the day” genre I thought why not..hmm in these pictures if my hair look outlandishly straight, that’s because I had it straightened just the other day, it was one of those days where you cant tuck back your hair or tie it, that phase can be one hell of a nuisance.
This look is so casual that I can’t find a piece to elaborate on, so I guess I will talk about the fedora obsession I had last year.  Last year around Xmas I had this frantic need to own types of fedora (so Indiana Jones), from all the fedoras I would say trilby is my favorite. But I gradually grew out of it, probably because I noticed everyone else started wearing. I don’t mean to say that I don’t wear what others do, I just don’t do “ who wore it better”. I know its such a bold narcissistic statement, but I am pretty sure many of you have unfelt what you used to just because it was way too common. I had to wear it coz this ultra straight hair of mine got it my way and since It was ‘ cant tie my hair even though I want to’ day I had to wear it. This look is perfect for lazing around in park playing your favorite songs, what do you think? 

Fashion cycles tend to repeat every two or three decade and when they make a comeback, they’re usually back with a bang! Ladies, say hello to jumpsuits- everyone’s favorite from 70’s. I know it’s not the exact replica of those days, but seriously who wants it with precision. The jumpsuit trend has returned in all its bold brilliance. I think global runway and celebrities have help entice the crowd but I personally find something chic and sexy about this whole all-in-one go piece that we simply cant help but jump in it. If you are looking for something easy yet sophisticated look,I say just pull out your jumpsuit. The one i am wearing it just costed me $30, pretty cheap eh?  pairs quite well with red shoes and fedora not to forget chic red sunnies.

                                                         Jumpsuit: TEMT
                                                         Shoes : Shu Bar
                                                         Sunnies : Dior
                                                         fedora: Ninewest
                                                         Arm cuff : Diva

Friday, 21 September 2012

Jeepers Creepers! Hell Yeah !

Kuzo readers,
Sigh! a post finally, team is little off the hook these days..its a recess week baby! Hell yeah! We headed out with our camera (obviously) how could we not it was such a beautiful day yesterday and thought might as well take some clicks.
Weather is like up-tempo songs, changes so fast that you need to alter your wardrobe accordingly.
The minute September arrives its an internal alarm goes on in my head to unpack light clothing and goodbye my wools. hallelujah! Time to officially welcome spring. My closet hits for spring are indefinitely my tweed jackets, tweeds usually have varying shades of yarn woven, and the cloth has a striking sense of depth. You can coordinate one of the minor colors in your tweed with the color of your pant, that’s exactly what I did.I love everything about this jacket, its well tailored,stylish cuts, studs and very flattering fit.
Tweed is an inherently outdoorsy kind of cloth, and you want shoes that reflect a little of that outdoorsy spirit. The round toe brogue just made my look complete. I have always loved prada’s creeper Brogue but it was way out of my league. I was so happy when I found its look alike, lucky meh! enough with the craps i ll let these photos speak for themselves and finally Happy Blessed Rainy day to all my fellow bhutanese, get wasted and eat till u puke..^_~

                                                              Thanks for reading our stuffs!!

                          Pant/ Jacket : ZARA
                          Tee : Calvin Klien
                         Shoes : Winsor Smith