Monday, 26 October 2015


Yo everyone!
I am gonna get straight to the point and not brag about how busy I have been since our firm is involved in 5 projects, there I said It anyways, maybe I did wanna brag, not much just a tad bit (chuckles).
Jokes aside, I am so in love with this kimono, initially I ordered it in grey but they sent me in pink, this is one of few occasions where I got lucky with Sammy –dress. It was a good thing they made a mistake, you could say it was a very fortunate accident, Isn’t SERENDIPITY the very word used to describe this expression? Hence the tittle of this post (wink). Kimono over ripped jeans, over short shorts, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, kimono compliments with all of em. This Japanese origin kimono trend is one of those trends where western designers have gone looking to the far east for inspiration, but so rarely do such references get taken up with quite so much gusto by the masses.
Call me snob or stupid, but I was one of those delusional stereotypes who felt price defined quality and style. I couldn’t disagree more, fashion really is what you make of what you own. FAST FASHION is a street term they use these days to call this trend. You don’t need me to tell you that between H&M, ASOS, Forever 21 and ZARA, you can pretty much build a wardrobe that looks like it came from any number of high-end labels and boutique.  In Australia there are brands like cotton on, Supree and jayjays which make very cheap and affordable goods, but delusional me convinced myself that I was more quality oriented than quantity, and since I wasn’t a heavy blogger, I hardly bought from those stores only except for few times. This ripped jeans is one of those rare purchases from jay-jays, look how badly I fit into my old jeans (hahaa).
You don’t even have to wear the brands I just mentioned, brands doesn’t define style, you do! Even old clothes can be elevated with the right accessories-none of which have to cost a lot of money. I have found a perfect balance, I am not the old me who would save up and at the end spent just on one handbag, neither am I one of those who needs to buy endless cloths, watches and glasses from thrifts to impress people by my quantity.

Among the brands I can do afford, I find GUESS handbags the best when it comes to quality and designs. This handbag was 9000 baht, I remember comparing it with $100 australian price I paid. seriously, why such a huge difference? granted I bought this on sale like most of my GUESS handbags in my collection. GUESS and Ninewest are always on sale in Australia, so even if I get em shipped till Bhutan, it is still cheaper compared to Guess in Thailand and India.

Manolo Blahnik Inspired heels. I don't know if I inspire people in any ways about the fashion choices but I certainly feel shoefluential ( hahaa). I think I shoefluence quite a few, uncanny coincidences have happened because right after me, I have seen fellow bloggers and few fashion enthusiasts getting exact same. Great minds think alike, maybe? ( hahaa). So, before people name it jealousy, rivalry or other similiar names, I think most fashion bloggers around the world blog on homogenous goods, because we are discussing the "IT" items of the season. I don't know if its by choice or mere coincidence but we bloggers have almost same taste but we maintain our own individualism, we wear the same key items but  style it differently giving our own personal touch.
                                                                     Cardigan : Sammy -Dress
                                                                      Shoes: Manalo Blahnik inspired
                                                                       Pant : Jay-jays
                                                                       tank top : Bangkok

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Monochrome : Work the kimino trend

Hey Everyone!
I actually Planned to post this on sunday but even during my off day I ended up being busy. Excuses aside, have you ever felt that helplessness, when you thought something was there close enough for you to grasp and be snatched right away from you? hahaa..what I am trying to say is, I have been looking forward to my walk in closet for months. As carpenters did our new place, I was tolerant and understanding enough to prioritise kitchen and other furnitures over my closet ,which I knew could wait. Now that house is move-in-ready, carpenters decide to leave for Durga puja and successive pujas that shall follow for almost 2 months when they were about to start with my closet, WTF right? So I ll have a totally empty room attached to my bedroom for next few months, I feel betrayed ( laugh).

Coming back to the post, these photos were taken a while back so I am not sure if this will make an appropriate fall post, as temperature has taken a drastic downfall. I love wearing long kimonos over a shorts, dresses, rompers and even with jeans. Kimonos more like kimo-YES!! trend for me, one of the best transitional pieces from summer-fall. Without changing your summer wardrobe completely, you can just add kimonos over your summer pieces paired with tall boots and booties, voila there is your perfect fall pairing! The bohemian staple has gone full-on mainstream, options available at every price point, you can find a best version that compliments you and your wallet.

"CAN ALWAYS BE MYSELF AROUND YOU" , I am sure everyone has that certain someone with whom you can be yourself. I was so in love with these shoes when I bought em but now they are everywhere plus this has teenage punkass-ness written all over, so I decided to sell em and wear things more my age appropraite ( laugh) .

I love the cut off bib section of this romper, has certain sass and class to this romper. I love cloths from boohoo, this Uk based brand makes the best women clothing in most affordable prices and this look won't be complete without my lace sheer kimono.
Since This whole look has only two colors, I have added monochromatic effects to pictures for more dramatics on black and white, plus these photos had very bad lighting to em.
xoxo,                             Romper : Boohoo ( via ASOS)
C.                                  Shoes/ Kimono : China

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Bodycon AKA Body Conscious skirt

Hi everyone,
Its Sunday and it’s a blog time, yay!!  How do you like hot and cold weather so far? Seriously, Its really chilly early morning so I come dressed with my jumper and light jackets but as day proceeds my gosh its summer all over again! So this outfit is for those hot autumn days. This look is self-explanatory, I have paired a shoulder off top with a mini skirt in tribal print. There is nothing brainer about the whole look, its simple and chic. For further comfort I have paired it with one of my platform shoes, they would look even better with heels if you were looking for night –out outfit
  .  This bodycon skirt  is figure hugging tight, bodycon stands for "body Conscious"  and hell yeah I am concious of myself whenever I wear tight dresses. I guess tight, figure hugging clothings inspire fear in lot of women. Why? well they suck you right in, your shape is pretty much outlined. You have too much curves or not at all, normally body con tells the whole truth (laugh). Tight bandage dresses are best for night at the club, but for everyday? its best to balance it out, example loose top with tight skirt kinda thing. Decide what ass-et ( pun intended haha)  to flaunt and cover the rest. Plus,in Bhutan I doubt you would get away without getting few stares. 
 These Platform Loafers of Stella McCartney are really comfy and gorgeous. They come in lot of colors and styles, I have a without lace version in Aqua blue, shall blog on those soon. These platform shoes are having quite a fashion moment  with bloggers right now. I don't know about you, but even though the shoe seemed quite okay on its own, I wasn't too compelled at first. But then I started seeing all those gorgeous personal style  bloggers donning theirs pair of Stella McCartney on Instagram and all of a sudden I found myself completely in love. I am glad I am one of the first ones to break this platform shoes to Bhutanese fashion enthusiasts , to have inspired if not all but at least few.
xoxo,                                          Top/skirt : India ( via flipkart )
C.                                                Shoes : Stella McCartney inspired 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Dear Readers,
I don't have much to write in this post but few lines. I just love warm autumns, its chillness during early morning and late evenings, its warmth during day time . I hope everyone had a good Blessed rainy day? For me two days off from work feels like a vacation.
Lately, girls have been pairing long  sheer cardigans with shorts( daisy duke shorts ),  dresses and rompers which are freakishly short. I think this trend is re-invention of those hippie era, you gotta love this fashion cycle, what goes sure comes around. You don't necessarily have to follow trends but this one is worth giving a shot. Wearing a romper, especially as short as mine can be used to your advantage. They make your legs look slimmer and longer, I suggest your pair em with heels but it looks equally good in flats too. I am in love with my F21 loafer, I literally live in this shoe( exaggerated of course) hahaa.. But I guess it has to do with age, I seriously live in my flats and wear heels with kiras and occasional night outs since I have almost to zero social life.


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Fall Flips

Hey everyone!
Its sunday, finally!! I have drafted this  post since Monday but never actually got around in posting em. You don't realise how much a person works and shares a workload until you find them gone, something I am going through with my Manager gone for 10 days leave.
Coming back to the post, I have always felt not every body is right for every trend. I always thought  some factors like  age, height, size mattered. I stand here corrected, because harem pants are flattering to all body frames and ages. You can't help but love this light, easy-to-wear- style every opportunity you get. Slip into pair of these and you would never want to take them off, they are that comfy and versatile. For example, had I paired my pant with a simple tee and a flat, I would have looked aptly dress to run some errand. Since they are loose-ish, they scream casual all over. Add a pair of heel, minus that tee and pair em with some tight, curve revealing top not like I have one ( story of my life haha) and voila you are a chick ready to P-A-R-T-Y !! From all style frames of harem pants I like cigarette pants and Culottes, especially culottes as they have been kicking ass of every sister trends of Harem pants. I bought few nice culottes from Zara India, you guys should definitely check em out ( click here )

Giuseppe Zanotti and Kanye West collaborated to design these calf sandals with pearl embroidered on details. They priced it $5000 because well he is Kanye and he thinks he is influential enough to run for Presidency (hahaa) and maybe they forgot what 5K means for we moguls. We moguls have our own solution and we replicate the perfect Replica , can hardly sue us for that( hahaa) . His Yeezy 350 are beautiful and maybe only Yeezy edition I can afford. I will wear em soon on my blog.

This year has been a bad year with natural disasters and some men-made. Flights have gone missing, earthquakes and floods affecting millions. Aylan Kurdi incident was the saddest of all, I feel humanity failed him and many others like him. This year we have seen many Terrorist attacks and its really saddening to see these brutal actions by humans, we don't have to look for mythical monsters but just look around and maybe in mirror. Degree of cruelty we human can do, puts me into shame. I just hope there is stop to this madness of a war in Syria and salute all the countries helping the refugees. 9-11 anniversary being just 2 days ago, I salute all those who lost lives making this world a better place and those who are still trying. You can't help but thank god for being born in Bhutan where a burglary and few cases of forgery are often nation's big news.  Bhutan have had their down moments but nothing catastrophic like rest of the world. I felt like writing these stuffs for peace of my mind, to know everyone that I am grateful but are you?  we should stop complaining things Government don't do for you but instead appreciate things they do, things you and me take for granted are the only things some people need in other side of the globe.

xoxo,                                                 Pant : ASOS ( click here)  
C.                                                        Top: Sydney
                                                           Heels : GZ inspired 

Friday, 28 August 2015

My summer Fling!

Hey everyone!
So I am back to work, after almost a month and half break it feels so surreal to be working. My body can’t seem to bring itself to work mode as I am really having hard time waking up early.

 This romper/ playsuit from Zara is my absolute favorite. I found this romper in most unexpected way. During my last visit to Bangkok, I was waiting for my brothers while they shopped in men section of Zara; they were taking forever in trial room so I just went to window shop of course. They forbade me to shop anymore because by then I had already shopped my quota out. I can be nice and convincing when needed (laugh). I have been looking a way to switch up my summer style, something cool and very laid back,  I can’t find anything better than romper to define summer style.  Runway trend or not, this one piece is chic while comfortable, maybe does have little functional issues like bathroom issues ( laugh). Bathroom jokes aside, some current iterations have made rompers the staple in summer must haves, little bugger that you have to remove all the way for bathroom won’t even cross your mind. They come in so many styles that you can have your pick depending on occasions, you can’t go wrong in this effortless style. Rompers/ Jumpsuits are extremely versatile. Not only can they work for day with a blazer/cardigans and a belt, they can be jazzed up for the night with right heels and statement jewelry. I don’t need any set of jewelry with this because the detailed bib of this romper is set to have eyes turning. Normally why I love jumpsuits and her sister romper is because they don’t need separate coordination; they will do in a pinch when you are short on time. I don’t think my love for romper is just a summer fling; to me they are here for long haul

 EYE heels and clutch are Pierre Hardy inspired. My boyfriend stalks Gdragon of Big bang. He is always watching his videos, cloth he wears to his daily diets. During one of his stalking , I guess Pierre Hardy shoes popped up. Since he thinks fashion is my field of expertise he was like , “ babe ever heard of Pierre Hardy? “  and I was like ,” umm is that a bald designer who makes sneakers” and he just grinned and told me “ No, he is a designer who makes shoes in general not just sneakers but bang on about him being bald” . I just shrugged and was like, “well aint you the lucky one with a smart girl”  (laugh). As it happened we both stalked Pierre Hardy, he may not be the most creative designer in the world but  his shoes have some kind of class and sass.

Romper  : Zara
                                   Shoes/ clutch : Pierre Hardy inspired