Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Her Little black dress

 Hello darlings!
Normally I finish my work around 8pm and after that I just watch my favourite series or read a book. Today I did neither so thought I should update my blog.
The little black dress or LBD as it is affectionately referred to, is the ultimate wardrobe staple.Worn to brunch or dinner,work or cocktails, the LBD as we call it caters for every occasion. A LBD is an essential wardrobe basics that every girl should own! with that said I love this fun twist  on the classic black dress; with spiked shoulder, an open back, and a lace detailing. I am so into lace dresses that I bought quite a few from ASOS. I adore the lovely balance between that this dress strikes between conservative and coquettish. Overall, this dress is feminine and she flaunts it so well with the right amount of curves.

 This dress resembles Dolce and Gabbana Splurge dress. The LBD is a black canvas that at its most decorative can be spectacular, but kept simple can be casual-chic.
 Women often get a bad rap for having a shoe obsession.However, with all of the endless styles and colors to choose from, who can blame a woman for having her closet stacked from top to bottom with shoes? Like I have mentioned earlier I invest tad more on bags and shoes, most of shoes I own I feel are not meant for Bhutan with puddles everywhere, so my family suggested I buy few from bangkok so that I can wear and not feel bad about. I just brought 6 pairs of shoes from sydney as I am getting most of em shipped which are yet to arrive,so you ll see most of my shoes are from bangkok till my cargo arrives.

 Black heels with black dress isn't a bad ensemble is it? Anyways I hope you liked my post. I don't really know what to write anymore so I kiss everyone good night and wish everyone a fun week.

xoxo,                                        Dress : ASOS (here )
C.                                              Purse : Chanel
                                                  Heels : Bkk

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

TREND SPOT: Can You Work a Dungaree Dress?

Dear Readers,
well I have a post today! if you follow me on instagram you must have seen the preview like a week ago. I am back in a schedule where you set out at 8 am in the morning from home and return at 8pm- tired body and tired mind. I excused myself 2 hours early today and thought I should update my blog when I had time.
Ever since Neon epidemic broke in fashion world I have been pretty mad crazy about neon colors but I couldn't bring myself to like neon green one bit. I am not really influenced easy, I just couldn't digest the fact that the color I despised most could and was one of the most popular hues. However, I came around, my liking was a gradual process and I thank my boyfriend for bringing me around.
I have been neonising my outfits for quite sometimes, I really love my studded top because it got all neon hues. Some of my friends wanted me to get Charles and Keith bags for em when I was in bangkok, while searching I found this clutch next to C&K showroom. It was an instant love at first touch, quality was superb and price was around 2000 baht. It became a habit to double everything in my mind since now thai baht is almost double our currency, I was in dilemma because I thought Nu 4000 was little silly on my part to pay since I had no clue what kinda  brand LYN was. Finally when I decided to buy, the sweet sales lady told me it was on sale that too it was 50 % off and I was like  could you grab me the pink one as well- I cant just help but be a girl sometimes.

I don't know why but I really love pointed shoes, I think it adds edginess to whole look.

Calling on all 90s fashion fans- dungarees are back. Once simply the domain of six-year-old girls, dungaree dresses can be all at once cute, comfortable and increasingly stylish - what more could you want from one item of clothing? From Alexa Chung and Pixie Lott, to on the street and the catwalks on London fashion week, this childhood staple has been resurrected in multiple styles for the new season, In my case its not a dungaree short but a skirt in a stonewash denim and I love the whole fit, as I think it makes me kinda curvy (smile). I ll show my dungaree collections soonish and yeah I bought this one from bhutan.

I am shy-ish, Its very hard for me to get all dressed up and set out for a shoot. Since Bhutanese normally have a way of staring you down, I am not really confident right now to have an outdoor shoot, I am really sorry about that and hence the pictures near my house.

                                         Dress : Tphu
                                         Top : ASOS
                                         Shoes : bkk
                                         Clutch : LYN