Monday, 31 March 2014

Pastels : The IT color part II

Dear readers,
Nothing is more beautiful than a spring! I really want to do a spring-post but I am really buried in work right now. These pictures were taken last year, didn't really get around in posting em as I found these pictures less blog worthy.
Now that I have no updates, thought something was better than nothing. I am so in love with pastel colors this spring. I have few pastel outfits to run this spring but it has to wait another two weeks, can't wait this BIT shit to get over with.
I love this top in pastel pink with roses on its collars and they are in peplum too.

These Jimmychoo inspired shoes with starstuds are just so cool, it bring the rebel and princessy sides of you together.

I love anything in leather, might not be the comfiest but they are the definition of chicness and boldness. I have a leather skirt pairing that I wana show, hopefully soon!

wait few weeks and I am gona show many runway inspired looks with a spring theme obviously! Work hard, earn many, spend wisely, be kind and just enjoy your life.

xoxo,                            Top:Bangkok
C.                                  Shorts: Forever 21
                                      Shoes: Windsor Smith
                                       Bag :LV 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Pastel : The IT color

Hello readers,
Looks like pastel trend is here to stay, I was going through some of the the runway outfits for the fashion show held by some of my favourite designers. I was taken aback by the color boldness in their collections. I have been obsessing about pastel colors lately, I haven't had time for a shoot to do posts on some of my pastel collections. This outfit wasn't supposed to make it on blog, me and my girlfriend we just played with different lenses, Not we, I did. I wanted to try my lenses since we already planned to go riverside and I asked if she wanted to be my model. We would have done a better pairing. She grabbed whatever first outfit she found in my closet hence the mis-matched shoes and all.
You got to love wearing pastels for spring, they bring life to an outfit.
She picked first pair of shoes she found on my rack. I am afraid those are my work shoes ( laugh).

I haven't had time for anything else lately but work. To make-up for all the funs I have missed and fun I am missing, been going serial shopper online. It takes longer but I am just glad I can do online shopping even from Bhutan. Few of my packages have arrived, Can't wait to show em soon!


Sunday, 16 March 2014

A matter of style

Hello guys!
Another blog post on same week which is rare from my part (laugh). I do try to post often but I have more important things going on with my life. Well guess what? today is my off day, I haven't had any weekends off for ages so today was the longest day of life. I read a short mills and boon, visited construction site, cleaned my room, did laundry hahaa.. Its fun to do your own chores.
Coming back to the post, I don't know why I am so drawn to black and white ensembles. If I recall correctly I have done quite a few post on em already.

PEPLUM BELT, if you type these keys in search engine, so many peplum belts from ASOS will pop out. They made this classic piece in many different styles and soon other brands followed. I saw zara one as well, but quality wasn't as great as this, and they are pretty affordable too. I am still experimenting with the ways I can wear it and best so are with tight mini and midi skirts.

This ALMA MM bag of Louis Vitton is one classical piece and probably the most expensive bag in my collection. They were actually a gift from my brother and he bought em around last year when I was still in sydney, so I had to wait few months to get my hands on em.
They were bought from Hongkong and I will link the details in HK $ if you want to own yourself one.
Pictures came pretty plain as my photopgrapher was a newbie, very new to DSLRs but she managed it okay.
I can't wait to do another B&W post, as I have one dress in my mind that I want to show. Its a LV dress replica that I bought from hangzhou. Not much to write as this was just an OOTD, something simple I wore to park. Goonite guys and have a good week ahead.

toodle-oo,                                Jacket/pants/belt :ASOS (here)
C.                                            Shoes : Wittner
                                                Top: Sydney
                                                Bag : LouisVitton ( here)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Hello dears,
This is how I normally look while working (laugh), plain right?. Just because we are fashion bloggers, everyone expects us to be glamorously dressed almost 24/7. I remember I was parting one night with my girlfriends and a girl came over and asked me if I was the THAT blogger and I was like "uh huh", she was like , " you look different..I mean ah you look quite simple and normal too". I just couldn't control myself and burst out laughing. I don't dress half the way I do on blog, I don't think anyone does. Blogging is just a hobby, I don't eat and breath fashion. I do love fashion though and after a stressful week, it does help you losen up!
I am wearing no make-up, my hair is tousled and these cloths are so plain. When I was a student, I thought I would go to work in an armani suit, stay behind my desk, leave when clock strikes 5. Catch up with friends, party during weekends. well my reality is not as remotely close to any of those. I work 12 hours and sometimes 15, I am almost on feet whole day and I reach home just for dinner and to bunk in my bed.

I was working till 2am, we were trying to use a computing system which would allow all employees throughout the country to access same details. It was quite a work and the next day I just couldn't bear to be on my feet. I just went for a drive to get some fresh air and my camera always loosens me up!
coming back to the post, I usually like wearing those shoes to work and I normally wear scarves because my chest is really bony. And with scarves especially worn the way I have make you look older.

We all know fashion is cyclical, it comes and goes. Flared jeans are back with a bang! My bf just wouldn't let me buy this, he was like OMG they are so hideous and so expensive! well I am a fighter when it comes to fashion (wink). I mean this pair of jeans has the most perfect fitting and its the best denim I own. So is it a Hit or Miss trend?. can't wait to show you my dungaree collections. I will have a back to back post on my dungarees as they are my current obsession.
xoxo,                                                   Pants : D&G
C.                                                         cardigan: Topshop
                                                            Shoes : BKK
                                                           tanktop/ scarf : bhutan

Friday, 7 March 2014


 Hello everyone!
This pictures are not really meant for blog, I went for a sorta-picnic with my girlfriends near river side. We got quite drenched and dirtied in sand so this was the outfit I changed into. Pictures did turn out good. Talking about rivers, many of you guys must have seen pictures of new year bash party in facebook page Bhutanese Girls, my family kinda throws this NY bash near Tulsa river every year. Till last year it was free entry and drinks. You guys should definitely come for 2015 party.Ain't no party better than a beach party right? . Well in my case its a river ( wink).
Coming to the post, I am wearing every bloggers favourite skort from Zara, its a short/skirt, hence the name skort. I have seen so many bloggers wear it so differently, its one versatile piece, goes with everything. I actually wanted to do a post on this skort paired with my white mesh lita but I guess this ensemble isn't that bad. Click here to see ways you can wear skort.
My lover for gladiator sandals have magnified 10 folds, this year's first purchase of shoes were two of my most coveted gladiator heels. This one has one too many buckles, its the reason for its beauty and also the reason I kinda loath em, which makes em wearing quickly impossible.
I am fascinated how the blogosphere create an instant, homogenous trend, while still maintaing its credibility and individualism. The return of skort is a proof of it, how bloggers dress in same key items except everyone styles it giving their personal touch.

xoxo,                                                 Skort : Zara
C.                                                         Top : H&M
                                                          Gladiators: WantedShoes