Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hello Readers,
This outfit  is as tomboyish as it can get. This season boy-meets-girl trend is a big new thing (with a capital B). I think I have mentioned before about my obsession of dungarees, having worn many in my childhood days, its still not enough. The tomboy look seems to be really hot right now, so there are lots of styles of clothing and shoes you can choose. I like clothing that is about purpose, but I'm not against having fun- I tried and straddled those two elements with my tomboyish outfit. Tomboy style is all about confidence, tad bit of rebelliousness and it has coolness written all over.Style is such a personal statement and I'm not going to attempt to define it for someone else. For me, this style is a fusion of relaxed casual fit outfit with a tad bit of feminism.

Dungarees can be styled from grungy looks to girly, from preppy to laid back chic, so don't shoot me if the way I styled them isn't your cup of tea. Ankle boots and some sort of sock peeping over the top is a staple pairing in my wardrobe.

I don't have much to write in this post, I hope my pictures speak it all.
                                                           Dungaree : Hangzhou China
                                                           Top : Uni Shimada ( japanese brand)
                                                           Boots: Forever 21

Monday, 20 January 2014

Mixed and Matched: layered Ensemble

Hello readers,
Here again with the new post! As you can tell this post and few old posts were taken in same venue. I normally don't get enough time to do a post regularly, so when I have time I set out with my friends packing few cloths and we do photoshoot marathon which I update on weekly basis.
I have been wanting to do a post on boyfriend jeans for like ages, I remember doing one of our first post on it (here), this one is worn slightly differently. The boyfriend jean is not the newest trend of this year but yet remains staple in most girls wardrobe. This versatile denim can be dressed up with a sleek blazer and stiletto, or dressed down with a basic tee during summer. No matter how you choose to wear it, the good thing is you will be super comfy while still looking uber stylish. You can choose between distressed denim and a more polished style. For this winter, I suggest style your boyfriend jeans with a chunky sweater or jumper, under your favourite leather jacket or coats. I bought my boyrfriend jeans from DKNY and Zara but their smallest size is still big for me so the one I am wearing which I bought from bangkok has a better fitting, as you can see I am wearing no belt yet its loose enough. I am planing to sell other ones or maybe will just gain few pounds. Check here ways you can wear your boyfriend jeans.

Louboutin Pigalle spike inspired shoes are something to die for. I always used to admire celebrities wearing em but when I saw this replica, I just had to get it. Jessica sells this shoe as well and prizes are same as I paid for mine, which I bought from australia.
Mr. Louboutin's pigalle collection, valentino's rockstud pumps and gucci's victoire are the most coveted shoes on shoeniverse. I am no exception, I have been serching their replicas for ages and now that I have all of em, I can hardly wait to show you guys.
This jacket is so warm and stylish, though I feel the girl above wore it better than me but hey who is comparing (laugh).

Last year when I went to Gangtok, just went around without intending to actually buy anything but when I saw this bag, it was love at first sight indeed.

I think pictures could have been better but these are taken from my new camera, me and my photographer, we are both learning and getting to know camera better.
This whole look has a casual aura to it and with just a change of footwear can transform whole tomboy look into something very feminine and chic.
xoxo,                                     Pant/sweater : bangkok
C                                           Heels : Windsor Smith
                                              Jacket : Hangzhou China
                                             Bag: Gangtok India
                                              Beanie : Style Outlet Tphu

Monday, 13 January 2014

Buckle up the Buckles

Hola guys!
This is the blog update for the pictures I uploaded yesterday. I reach home very late these days from work and I am taking break from my books, so only thing left for me to do is update.
When my dad started doing business like three decades ago, his most associates were indians, they still are. I had this indian influence ever since I was a baby and that doesn't exclude my siblings. Why I am babbling with these background check? well I do this silly competition with my siblings,' who can eat the most pani puri'. We had this silly competition few months back and me being  fetish of sour stuffs,  you can imagine how many pieces I must have eaten. It was my first time ever being a victim of food poisoning. It was such a nasty experience.
I left right after my supposed recovery for bangkok and it got worse when I did some dipping in a pool. My whole stay was spoilt because of this silly little competition I had. On my way back to Bhutan, I had a worst flight; formost reason I was so unwell, secondly JAGAS are not the best of travel buddies. I really felt bad towards flight attendants, JAGAS can sure give em a hell bad time and OMG lastly my flight got delayed by 4 hrs, we couldn't land in kolkota so had to do emergency landing somewhere. When my flight landed I might have been the first person to get off, I really needed to find bathroom so badly, I thought I was gona puke all my insides out. It was such a bad experience for me.

Enough of mambo jambos and coming back to post, loving this jacket from VB's collection.
This shoe is one of my favourites, I am shoe fetish but moreover I tend to like pumps.

This jacket and Shoes are just so alike, not just in color but this whole buckle detailing just blows my mind away.

This ensemble is one of my favourite, I think it gives that cool vibe and has some chicness to it.

xoxo,                                   Jacket : VB collection
C.                                         Leggings : Forever 21( here)
                                             Shoes : Jessica Burman ( here)
                                             sweater/clutch : Bkk

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tulle Ballerina Skirts!

hey everyone!
My first ever post of 2014. I'm so excited to report my first 2014 trend: Tulle skirts! Tulle Ballerina skirt is such an IT item piece in fashionverse. I remember wearing my first piece in 2010 on one of my first dates with my boyfriend.I still remember his words, quote " whats with you and your obsession of phirphirlas" (laugh). He said I looked like a kid who came wearing her tutu. I remember getting so mad and yelling at him,"well news flash your shirt looks one of those pieces from bangkok streets" (laugh). Now thinking back about those moments, where we had ego clashes are something we really laugh about.
If it were socially acceptable, I would probably wear a tutu everyday during one of those hot summer weathers. However,since wearing tutu is frowned upon, especially since it is tagged as a skirt for little girls.Now that girls can go bold with their outfits, it can be paired with blazers,tights,heels,wedges and anything else your heart desires and I think its such a statement piece, it has a girly vibe to it with subtle edginess to it. 

This whole outfit is about to let go of all the discomforts you might have about yourself and how others might perceive your appearance. Don't let negativity get you, I often feel like one should dress in something one is most comfortable in. Just because all your friends wear mini doesn't mean you should follow the crowd, life is too short to live in others accordance. 

These shoes were pretty comfortable as I wore it on new year eve, It gave me a lift, I felt pretty tall and made me feel good about myself.  

This midi length tulle paired with faux feather top looks pretty good ensemble to me, what say?

Uni qlo seems pretty popular in bhutan, maybe its time to admit but I seriously never heard about that brand till I reached Bhutan. My family were really shopping quite a lot in their store and they asked me to select for myself, I was like I am good and  told em I did my share of shopping. They selected this jacket for me and they were like thank me when you reach thimphu ( laugh), now seriously I can't get enough, its seriously so snug fit and so warm, I am really thankful.
xoxo,                 Jacket : Uni Qlo
C                       Skirt/top : Bkk
                          Shoes: Hangzhou China