Thursday, 13 June 2013

Special post : Light weight jacket+ tribal print

 Hi everyone!
Just taking break from my books, so thought I could use some distraction. I Had these pictures so thought might as well post them. I realised this is our 50th post, I know I can't believe we have merely posted 50 posts in last one year. I certainly feel like I should have posted more, as I look into my closet, I feel like I have not even scratched half. This outfit is so simple and casual, there isn't much to elaborate on.If you noticed, I tend to add light- weight jacket to most of my outfits. I am not fond of thick fur and woollen jackets, unless in its utmost urgency. I like jackets of this sort, light-weight at the same time chic which does give you warmth but keeps all fussiness of heavy and thick jackets at bay.It is not extremely cold to begin with at the moment, which makes it perfect to pair with sweaters and denims. The light weight jackets is my go-to-cover-up, an absolute essential.

 When you say cold, first kind of footwear that comes to my mind are my UGGS. At the moment its not that cold for me to use em. Its so funny when everyone expects you to get UGG when you ask what they would want, just because UGGS are made in australia doesn't mean they come cheap ( hahaa). And next to uggs are my ankle boots, they are "must haves" for winters . I don't know why I like giving my finishing touch with ankle boots to most of my outfits, be it leggings, denim,slacks or any bottoms. I own more ankle boots than tall boots, tall boots are quite good to look at but not one of tthe most comfortable foot wears.

 I like this tribal print sweater, actually quite a lot. Actually I used to wear it with shorts and stilettos, simple and chic but here I have used it as a layering piece.

 Cheers to my models, photographers and our supporters! for making 50th post.Its a special post hence the title. Hope you have a good day and a pleasant weekend.
 toodle-oo,             Denim/ Jacket : GUESS
C                                           Bag: Herm├Ęs
                                             Shoes : Wittner
                                             sweater: random

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Hi everyone!
Its been really long, finally I could go out for a proper shoot-sigh worthy indeed! I submitted a major assignment on friday, so I wanted to go out the next day for sight seeing,these days I am actually in a mood to go clubbing but that has to wait until my exams are over, which will be in two weeks. Yesterday  I wanted to losen up a bit and had too much to drink with friends, I tried updating my blog yesterday night but I guess I was too drunk and I realised my feeble attempt to write something when i woke up today with laptop near my bed side. Good thing I slept my drunkard state off and didn't update my blog with silly stuffs ( laugh).
Tapered trouser,harem pant,drop-waist pants- whatever you call them, these pants trend is giving skinny jeans a run for their money. This season, as cold descends, I want to wear more of this sort- hard to style trousers but they can be the next best thing in your closet. I stalked few celebrities to get a better idea about pairing them and I learnt the most essential thing is to tuck your top. You have to start with a good tuck. If you don't normally tuck your shirts, now is the time to start. If you want a perfect tuck- one thats loose enough without billowing too much or coming undone- bodysuit is the perfect answer.I think bodysuits are perfect when tucking in are required for perfect pairing of your outfit.Whether you layer it up or take it to the beach, this versatile onesie is destined to leave a lasting impression! Features a delicate black lace applique to the front, illusion V- neckline, ribbon tie closure behind the neck, and a sexy rear scoop design to finish. I think In one of my previous posts, I have showed similar top with lace detailing.

 I couldn't bring myself to narrow down the number of pictures as I liked most of them- sorry about that. I am laughing at my own stupidity that I didn't realise my jacket and shoes were totally different shades of pink. Trust me they looked pretty same in my room and in pictures they look so contrasted. I think I have done a post on pink boyfriend blazer, this one has an apt fit. Both are from Zara. Talking about Zara, I haven't shopped from there in almost 4 months.I am really on tight budget around this time.

Miu Miu glitter shoe inspired from Mollini. They were originally $159 but I paid $80 and now its only $50, its a good opportunity to buy considering 75% reduction in price.

This pant is actually uni- sex, my boyfriend has the exact same. We don't really see eye-to-eye when it comes to fashion stuff but Saxony is the only brand we both like and often shop together, without him having to wait on me and whining in my ears- which he usually does while waiting.

I am wearing a bright shade of pink for my lipstick, I really love it.

It was a fun day  at park and I liked how pictures turned out especially with fallen leaves ( bow chicka wow wow), so beautiful and romantic.
xoxo,                            Blazer : ZARA ( similar here)
C.                                 Pant : Saxony
                                     Top : Zooshoo ( here)
                                      Shoes : Mollini ( here)
                                      Purse/ clutch : Colette