Saturday, 21 June 2014

Déjà vu All over

Hey guys!!
 Just few days ago, there was such a huge tender for we the contractors. International projects like those, make me realise Bhutan has come a very long way. Considering very few bhutanese private firms qualify even to participate, I feel Privileged to be part of one of those few firms. All I can say is may the best team win! (fingers crossed). Work never ends so let me not bore you, but sometimes I do get carried away. I genuinely feel like there are ample opportunities in bhutan, if you know where to look. If being in Jungle, one of the most rural places in bhutan, give you the boost to start your career you should take it. I am surprised many youth want success without having to pay any price or any compromises.
Coming back to blog post, I wasn't sure if I should post these pictures. But since I have nothing to post, I was like why the hell not. Blazer is my all time favourite. No matter how much I own it, I can't seem to get enough of em. Maybe I come as narcissistic, self centered person on my blog, but camera and photography do take my mind off things. They are the best pacifier and really help me loosen the edge.

How do you like this outfit ensemble? It was selected in a whim but I think they turned out okay. I just wanted to try out different lenses that time, so just grabbed things which felt right.
When I saw these shoes in bangkok, it was like dejavu like I have seen them somewhere but I wasn't sure where, it felt right to get em, so I call this post a Dejavu ( wink).

Pairing Blazer with a harem pant is nothing new, Most people prefer to wear em together. I think they look elegant, and almost lady-like. And it has this whole casual vibe to it that it is any wonder most people get this ensemble right because they are right. Like I mentioned before I have saved my dresses for summer, now that its a peak summer, its a show down from next week!
Few of the designer gowns from affordable designers, some replicas of my favourite designers are all to follow in my coming posts.

                                                           Blazer/Pant : Hangzhou China
                                                             Top :ASOS
                                                             Shoes : bkk

Friday, 13 June 2014

Edgy chic : Denim shorts!

Hello peeps!
Liked Fifa World cup opening ceremony? I hope you guys had fun watching the match, I couldn't stay awake for the match but I watched the opening ceremony so thats alright.
Coming to the post,something I wore, its definitely an OOTD post. One of my favourite things to wear when I am in hurry is a plain white tee and a blue jeans. The best and most practical solution and potentially also a stylish one are of course denim shorts--which are slightly distressed. They make summer look cool just so easy.
I don't accessorise my look much but sunglasses are almost in most cases my finishing touch to a look. I am very selective about the brands in my sunglasses, I feel like there should be no compromises to your eyes. This one from ASOS, I doubt they are even polarised. I don't really wear em except on my blog posts. To all girls out there, you can afford to play with your hair, nails, cloths and shoes but don't ever play with your eyes. Save up and buy at least one designer sunglass, never at any cost risk your eyes.
I like adding thin cardigans during summer. Not only it prevents you from sunburns , they add sophistication to the whole look and especially if you add a sheer cardi's they make everyday outfit into something sexy. 

Love these super comfy creepers. Whole galactic print blew me away.
For last 7-8 years I have always coloured my hair, enjoying my black hair days. One of the reasons I always coloured my hair was I have too much of a grey hair for my liking. Chapped lips and strands of grey hair in a girl is such a turn off..agree?
xoxo,                                                   Top : korean store ( sydney)
C.                                                         shorts : dotti
                                                            Shoes: Hangzhou China
                                                             cardigan : bhutan
                                                             sunny : ASOS                                                      

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Plaid/tartan Scottish style gets a fashionista flare

Just a weekly update.Check,plaid,tartan-call it whatever you please, just make sure you invest in it this season. They have been around since 2009, and looks like there are here to stay! I like em but not that crazy about em. Personally I think Plaids work best as a layering piece, worn as a top, bottom paired with other pieces or simply wrapped around your waist, especially with leggings and skinny jeans.
In lookbook, I have seen many looks of tartans by different bloggers all around. I noticed many wearing plaided piece from forever21. I guess they have really huge collection. Not to forget they are so popular on runways. Now its a look no longer confined just to a schoolgirl's skirt or scottman's kilt ( they look so like our Gho hehe). Bearing that in mind I thought why can't I just make a tartan style statement myself. Having picked the skirt, I found a matching top,shoes and a bag. I think its so wearable in bhutan, since not many trends are very appropriate in  bhutanese society.

When I saw this bag, first thought was like how cute. If I hide the sling, it looks just like a book. I think joke is on me, since I love books, that I even find a bag which could easily fool anyone for a book.

 I do own lot of shoes. Amongst all, I really wear this pair a hell lot more. When I saw this pair, it was like as if a thousand bricks had hit me at once, I fell in love at fight sight, love as in capital L. Zara ran out on em ages ago but there are lot of lookalikes and replicas. Corny that most replicas I found are actually more expensive than the actual one from Zara.  I will link it bellow.
                                                           until next time everyone ciao!
                                                               skirt : Forever21
                                                                Top: India
                                                                Bag : Hangzhou China
                                                                Shoes :Zara ( similiar here)

Sunday, 1 June 2014


 Hey guys!
its been really long without an update. First weekend of the month is only off weekend I get hence the post today. This outfit ensemble has no wow factor, I actually decided not to post em but then time spent taking those pictures would totally be wasted.
This ensemble is very affordable,both top and hi-lo skirts were less than 500 baht. My model had a swollen lips because of some infection, she wanted me to take pictures without showing much of her face, which I did, so I am afraid most pictures are focused more on outfits.
 I love this gladiator sandal flats, It really adds a casual and cool vibe to an outfit. It was in bhutanese print, so I really had to get em.

Even before I started blogging, I have been a major shopaholic. But then shopaholic me was much wiser than me shopaholic now. Before I was much quality oriented than quantity. Probably to appease my followers that I have different and wide range of clothing and sense of fashion that I have over looked quality. I would say most, almost 90 % of stuffs I have bought from bangkok local stores have resulted in disaster. They get torn really easily, be it shoes or cloths. Wearing em few times result in stitches coming off loose. I am not belittling those stores and those who shop, maybe I just haven't been lucky. Point I am trying to make is, its better to have a few good ones than a lot shitty ones. Unless you buy from known brand stores in Bangkok, I wouldn't recommend buying much from their local stores.Why the babbling? Because today I wore one of ripped jeans I bought from bangkok local store for the first time and surprise surprise it got torned (laugh). Its not a first incident, but atleast other stuffs didn't give away on their first day (wink).

Anyways guys, work hard and spend the hard earned money. Satisfaction is guaranteed, knowing you damn well paid for everything from your hard earned money, feeling is magical and you feel less guilty. I always felt tad bit gulity whenever I shopped, knowing unconsciously that your parents paid for it, now I am much more relaxed shopper, probably explains why I am a serial shopper now (hahaa). Hope everyone had a fun weekend, keep safe!

xoxo,                   Skirt/top/necklace : bangkok
C.                        Sandals : Hangzhou China