Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentine Suggestions: Look lady Like part 1

Hmm I wanted to post but for so many reasons I just couldn't. If I am not able to do post on some outfits, shall show em in post valentine updates.This is a first post on classy/lady look. For me skirts of this length have always been the lady-type genre and I don't really like dresses this long,thats why I never wear pencil skirts. When we say Classy and dress like a lady,first think that comes to my mind are hair accessories and hats ( Kate Middtleton style), but since I know no one at our age really prefer to dress that way, I decided to vamp the hairdo and make it less lady like.I am wearing dress with sequin detailing and made sure my shoes and purses had glitters too. Have you noticed that sequin detailed dresses are more expensive than rest?

 This look may not be my first choice for valentine but I am sure this meets someones taste.I am not gonna give you any outfit advices rather some tips for v-day and how to make the day memorable. Valentines day, we usually say "the hallmark holiday" places undue stress on those in relationships. Valentines doesn't have to be roses,chocolates,dining and wining or tiffany jewelries ( though it wouldn't hurt if you did haha). For all the men, I know to pay $50-90 for roses--insanity! and you might not get it "why" but women do, they love flowers, so if you can't afford and you are on budget, get a single rose--its sweet and romantic.
some people don't like being wined and dined and later clubbing on v-day. And I think clubbing is a bad idea since its a day meant to be spent duo,maybe all you need to do is cooking for two!And in the end what really matters is the effort you put into though your date might not go as planned. And Guys make her feel loved. Don't fel pressured by the moment  to use "L" word. You are not obliged to say it unless u mean it, and its wrong to say in the heat of the moment. Not all girls like hearing that, I have been going out for 2 years and I an glad he doesn't pressure me to say it. I think "L" word sounds greatest when it is really felt and meant.
And Ladies, you can do same for HIM. Have fun everyone.

 I tried to match my animal print shoes with my eyes, what do u think? I promise to write more next time, till then just enjoy my pictures and keep planing for v-day, don't let another valentine pass you by, for it comes once a year.
I bought this Jacket from Nepal around 4 years ago, I paid six grand ( though in nepal currency) and its still as good as new, probably because I hardly wore it.I was doing some closet editing and just found it in a back of my closet.

xoxo,             Dress : ASOS
C.                 Shoes: Wittner Shoes
                    Sunny: VOGUE
                    Purse: colette
                   Jacket : Nepal

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