Friday, 21 December 2012

Doomsday Special ^_^

Chapter 1.
Hey Everyone!
World supposedly ends today, but I don't think Apocalypse will happen anytime soon. So, we have a post for getting to live. Had I known I was gona post these posts as a doomsday special, I would have done my makeup more accordingly, you know probably a very dark makeup. I have few posts to get over with, I want to do a fresh shoot for christmas and not post old ones. I am posting two posts in one update in a name of surviving doomsday ( laugh).

I have all spikes for chapter one. Before I get into spikes, do you know that wearing shorts/minis make your legs look longer and with the right angle in your photos, you can just look like em models. I for one, like to look tall in my photos, so I am like always pushing my photographer to kneel so that she wouldn't dwarf me in anyway, sounds ridiculous, right?
I am not particularly a tall person, so with mini dresses I like adding oversized jackets so that I can show more legs and heels really help elongate your legs. Every brand has studs and spikes in their new  collections, its hard not to like em and not buy one.Don't exaggerate too much on spikes, keep them simple as possible. Studs and spikes used to be a mainstay of 80's punk. Now, thankfully,punk fashion has branched off into many different subcultures and its influences have filtired down and made more wearable for everyone.

I added this outer-lay on this dress, dress was too short but soon realised it was impairing whole look and got rid of it. Yes! I wore a matching spiky shoes. I am not really Jc shoes' kinda girl. I don't really do heavy and bulky shoes, I just bought this and few more of this type just to experiment. Oh boy! I almost tripped in them in grass,nearly spraining my ankles. I think its an apt shoes to walk on platforms, where there are no bumps.

                            Jacket : zara ( Click here and here)
                            Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell ( click here)
                            Bag: Guess
                            Dress : Online

Chapter 2
This is chapter 2. I am loving the look I created on her. This hairdo and makeup is inspired by Fendi runway models.It took me quite a while to decide a dress for her. We don't share same size so I wanted  to have a light and casual look to her, going through my closet I saw this waist coat. I bought this around 2 years ago, wore it just one time. So, I decided that for her, first I thought I would pair with high waist shorts but somehow it didn't turn out well. Randomly, I picked this dress and asked her to try it on. It was match at first try ( laugh).  I wanted to give more definition to this outfit so I added belt. I say its a fine combo, what say?

I think my purple Balenciaga goes just fine with this look. And I am loving my own photography( laugh). Normally close up shots always turn out well.
These biege shoes, bought it like a year ago, never really wore it. I am glad she inaugurated it. I have so many pumps, so I try not to buy anymore but its hard, I guess i was just born for pumps. This pair was pretty reasonable. I remember now, why I actually bought it, I loved the side chain on it.

 Well hope you liked our special post.I know none of us really believed world was gona end, nonetheless, it did make us wonder and there was this big "IF" . It made us reflect about our lives, as an individual and taught us that though apocalypse may not happen,everyone has their own doomsday and it just made me realise how much I want to live. No more Mambo jambo about apocalypse. .just enjoy your lif and make the best of it.
Thanks and cheers to all of us!!
                                                  Waist coat : Esprit
                                                   Dress: Forever 21
                                                   Bag : Balenciaga
                                                  Belt : forever new
                                                  Shoes : online

Sunday, 16 December 2012

welcome to Blaset part 2:the Marilyn Monroe styl3

This is the continuation of black dress project, Its not that I have only blacks in my closet but cant deny that mosts are in Black. I am trying to lessen on my shopping habits and trying to improvise from my current collections.I am inspired by concepts like fashionising's curated wardrobe, trying to create a wardrobe of clothing that reflects my individuality and my style.

 Love this dress, how it has chiffon outer lay with a mini dress inside. I think it can make statement and its versatility- superb! This is sorta piece that you truly can wear to a multitude of events without looking inappropriately clothed, which is why I am drawn more to maxis these days.I am someone who is hard to please yet I really love the quality of this dress, best $120 spent of my life. When it comes to maxi dresses, which side of the fence do you sit on? One of utter love and adoration or one of complete revulsion?
I look very old and mature in these pictures and as if that was not enough, my boyfriend insulted me saying i have old lady's hairstyle. He always liked me in short hair. He told me I looked funny in these photos, so I was like Should I upload? then I thought heck with him and his judgment, this ain't no VOGUE. And this is a best way to get over my insecurities and love myself as how god made me.

My dress doing Marilyn Monroe. I like how it was so windy during photo-shoot and my dress ceased to behave. You know that according to urban dictionary when you have that awkward moment when wind  blows your skirt is called Monroement. I love how they made Noun form of her name. One of the fun things I used to do as a teenager was to learn slangs and words in urban dictionary (laughs). This is the same shoe that our model was wearing in the previous post. Actually she was wearing buckled ankle boots in black and I was wearing these stilettos. While taking pictures, her combinations looked more like a dress from a movie Men in black, so thought she needed a pop of colour. Since the only pair of shoes we had was the one I was wearing, so we decided both would have same heels on because I sure as hell couldn't pair those boots with my dress and they happened to be in black.
Normally with strapless dresses I like adding accessories. I  think its fun accessorising but normally I am allergic to metallic ones, I can wear metallic ones for short while, if I wear whole day I get red blisters. So I go for light ones and these pearl pieces were just perfect.
I forgot to add, HAPPY 105th National day to all bhutanese. Its a proud moment for all fellow bhutanese.

Thanks for reading it!                 Dress/belt : Forever New
xoxo                                               Shoes : GUESS
C.                                            Accessories: Colette

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

welcome to Blaset : part 1

Hey Guys,
So, what are all these hypes on 12-12-12?Well since it’s a significant date, which comes once in a lifetime we have a post. I posted saying we will have back-to-back updates, because we do have a lot (maybe not a lot but few) but we are having second thought on that. We might post twice a week or every alternative day, it’s yet to be decided. If you are wondering why in a blue we have a lot of updates, foremost reason we are on vacation-period. And last few weeks have been cold-ish with rain and sun barely insight. We thought it was an idle opportunity to do posts on summer jackets and some of spring/autumn essentials which we couldn’t do while we had school.

This jacket is soft and comfy, what I absolutely love about it is its leather peplum detailing. I can already think of many ways to pair it with shorts, skirts, and dresses. For today we kept it simple with a glittering tight (to lessen the dullness of black) with a khaki top, which has sequin detailing. Alas, to give finishing touch animal print heels which have both black and khaki in it.
Did you know that Peplum Jackets were declared one of the must haves for 2013 by VOGUE. The peplum jacket has the ability to adapt to many moods, but especially to different fits because it enhances and balances women’s curves in the right place. People normally add belt to it to accentuate curves, but we decided it wasn’t necessary in our case because this Jacket has a beautiful and chic jacket buckle in front. We didn’t want to impair its beauty so we kept it simple as it was. 

This is one of the iconic bags from Louis Vitton. I think now its little cheaper than it used to be but its still expensive. I have the link if you want to buy similar one. If you are one of our regular readers, you must have noticed that last few posts have hyperlinks. I try my best to take you to those websites, where they sell the items. If there are items without links, it probably means merchandises are out of stocks.
Last time on my visit to China town, I saw replica of this bag. It looks identical but feels different. But I must admit those were some real good replicas.
There isn't much to say anymore, hope it made a fun read till now. FYI "Blaset" means Closet filled with Blacks, If I decipher closet, it must mean CLOTH SETS right? so i made it to BLACK SETS, hence the Blaset..confusing much? ( laughs)

                                                                Happy Wendesday/12-12-12 !!

                                                             Jacket : Zara
                                                             Bag : Louis Vitton (click here)
                                                             Heels: GUESS