Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Life is my runway~chapter 1~

Hi everyone!
How is your week going? Well team has an announcement to make, now that everyone is busy with their own schedules, we have decided to keep our post weekly (fingers crossed). Team has been planning on a real photo-shoot but
crispness that comes with freezing temperatures of winter makes it harder, so on our day out, we seized the moment and these are few clicks on our way to Opera house.
Here I am wearing Lounge pant,
this style is definitely fit to flatter with a fashionable edge, featuring roomy, wide legs and a wide waistband. It might surprise most people to know that I am quite fond of loungewears and getting fonder with its casual yet chic approach.
 Lounge pants have come a long way from pants that honestly did resemble your pyjamas and it is now understated glamour, with flattering cuts and fabrics that can be used both for lounging around the house to a casual hangout with friends.

 This look is  inexpensive and in every way very fashionable if paired with matching separates. If you're looking the top fashion cloths and within your budget, don’t shop what is in trend right now, what is trendy might not meet your needs, get little creative, as who would have thought a loungewear could make a statement on its own.
                                                                       Thank You !!

                                    Pant/top/Blazer/shoes : online
                                                             Purse Guess

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kick ass spikes+ ripped jeans

Hola everyone!

I just want to make a quick post, our team has been planning on a proper photo-shoot but for no particular reason we couldn't..our apologies, so hope  this makes up. Elegance doesn't necessarily come from expensive price tags, anyone can be a "budget babe", that’s how I like to refer. Everything she has is below $100 and hope this look is convincing enough.
Today’s look I have a blazer and its in white, I couldn’t think of anything else beside torn jeans to pair with it. It’s a great pairing because there is just the right amount of fission between the two. I have talked about Boyfriend Blazers in my previous post, so today; my focus is all on those spiky shoes. They are quite gothic yet so glamorous, quite inspiring how metal and leather can work together. People who wear them should know that "attention" is the least they will be getting hahaa..

 Red bottom shoes as I said my obsession.We managed few clicks on our night out, but mind you it was at night, so pictures aren't that good.

                                                    Happy Wednesday!!

                                            Blazer: FORCAST
                                            Top & pant: Kakamee
                                            Shoes : online
                                            Clutch: colette

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Backless Gem Decorated Chiffon Halter Dress Black + red bottom shoes

Hi everyone!
Our sincere apology to everyone for not having any updates. I don't know if these pictures are worth sharing since they are taken by C herself in self timer mode, but we thought to have something rather than nothing. 
As you know one is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.I think this black backless dress is most suited for night out
, not only is this dress easy to slip into its super comfortable as well (I guess that’s why everyone loves chiffon), this dress is no- fuss and chic at the same time. The closure at the back with just two strings lend a sexy surprise, play around with the likes of this dress, play with length, try maxi in halter dress, it will give you the light weight summer feel.

Do my heels look familar? yes! they are christian Louboutin bibi (platform pumps), unfortunately they are replicas. I am obsessed with christian Louboutin and their red bottom shoes, i am saving for my first pair.The one i have is a very close replica and normally you can get them from $100- 300, if you find wasting 1-2 grand on shoes to be futile. If you are wearing anything in dark shades, I say, get bold and wear solid neons for heels. 


Monday, 16 July 2012

NudItY is AweSomIty

Hi everyone,
Today as you can see I have everything in nude except for my jeans. Now, lets talk about the boyfriend jeans, which are so in these days, what goes around sure comes around. Boyfriend Jeans, the tomboy counterpart to the skinny jeans, can easily look just as polished and classic when worn with stylish separates and accessories. To maintain the girly look, I stocked up on a beige top with nude heels. It’s said that nude heels elongate your legs, somehow it works wonder and make your legs look skinny. Nudes are one of the closet essentials (must haves) for every girl and I'm pretty goddamn glad that I own a pair (actually I have more in nude). I am a huge Kim Kardashian closet fan, this look is inspired by her.
cant see my face? don't get mad,i promise, you will see me soon enough.BTW I am wearing a french braid,which i absolutely love so check out the tutorials in youtube.
                                                             Thank You!!
                                                               Jeans: Levis
                                                               Bag: Guess
                                                               Heels: Ninewest
                                                               Tops:Blue elfs

Monday, 9 July 2012

~When Runway meets the Road~

Hello again!
meet "C", you are gonna see a lot more of her in future posts, isn't she a bona-fide poser?. she is just an everyday girl who loves fashion, so she is gona be a part of a harem( harem of my models LoL).
She wore red pant with 5 inch tall pumps( stilettos really compliment well with ankle length pants), this look is a very sexy to girl-next-door ish.Neon pants are so versatile, throw em with anything, they look so chic and give a little edge to the look.Nothing completes an outfit more than a fitted blazer.
Not only am I in love with this look ta-da! it has a beautiful background, we didn't intend to capture a sunset..somehow it just happened.

In my blog, if i introduce you to a new brand/place/people,i don't mean to brag, please don't misunderstand,i do feel tad silly but i genuinely wanna share my finds. The Blazer is from Saxony( www.saxony.com.au), Its an australian brand, you can get men's and women's designer clothing, and this is one of my favourite brands though they don't have international shipping right now.

                                                                Thank you !!

                                                         Pant: Zara
                                                         Tops:Blue ELf
                                                         Blazer: saxony
                                                         Bag: Mulberry Alexa
                                                         sunnies: Gucci
                                                         Heels : BOUTIQUE 9 ( Ninewest )

Sunday, 8 July 2012

one shoulder cocktail dress + LV

Hi everyone!
This is my first attempt to blogging and if you are wondering if this is me, yes! thats me..hahaa that was a bad joke, Actually,I asked my friend to help me out and voila! she jumped to the oppurtunity ( lil exxagerated).
So, i picked a random outfit and then found her contradictory heels and bag.I'm not one of those who needs to have all matched up attires on me, i like exploring and experimenting but i don't like to go too extreme, extremity is not my thang!

How do u like the photography? I'm not photographer either I had a gang helping me you see hahaha..not quite, it took three-men cell to make this post happen, hope you guys like it.

 From all Louis Vittons', damier print is my favourite. As u can see, my bag has some broken edges. I was so protective of my bag that i folded and kept in the dust bag that came along with the bag, hence the broken edges. Note to all, you are supposed to stuff in with tissues or something that would define its shape. Later comes the dust-bag but little did i know back then.

                                                         Thanks for dropping by!!

                         Dress : Blockout Clothing
                         Bag: Louis Vitton speedy 30
                         shoes : Ninewest
                         Neckpiece: Colette