Monday, 25 August 2014

Rise of the cape

Dear Readers,
Its been almost 2 weeks without any update, my apologies! Like I mentioned in one of the old post that I own few dresses in desigual print, this is one of em. Its kinda been raining in Thimphu quite a lot so had to dress accordingly. For me my comfort and warmth mean everything while I dress up. And No, I am not one of those who take forever to dress up, I actually take very less time to ready myself be it for night out or dates.

One of this fall/winter trend of 2014 are definitely capes, so do those fashion magazines say.They are the best transitional piece from summer to fall, especially the sweater capes. If you have any flairs to flare, Capes can help you achieve since it adds chicness to an outfit. The cape silhoutte is very drapey and glamorous, I think it is one of fall staple and almost must have for every girl. Its better to pair em with simple seperates like skinny jeans or chic no-fuss dress like mine. Join Cape Crusaders like me and millions other or is it big NO NO for you?

     Maison Martin Margiela's 'Perspex boots' are entirely see-through.These are the replicas I got for $80, originally they cost around $1040. I just love how simple they are in style and color and how much of a statement they make. They are the perfect summer boot. It doesn't matter if you are grunge girl or girlie girl, these can be worn for both the looks. Its sheer mesh fabric gives summery vibe, merging fashion with practicality. 

I love my kitty bag, what do you think? Let me not bore you with my words and I hope you enjoyed this outfit ensemble. I promise to write more next time.
toodle-oo,                                           Dress/Bag/Sweater Cape : Hangzhou China
C.                                                         Shoes : Maison Martin Margiela's replica                                

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

OOTD :Trend that never dies

 Hello Readers,
I had many people asking  me for a new update though it has been just few days since my last one. I sincerely thank everyone who sends me these beautiful messages about how they find my taste in fashion, I appreciate all the positive feedbacks so far.
Coming to this post, this ensemble is hugely inspired by Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook and yeah we are on first name basis (wink), jokes apart she is one of my style-icon and she really inspires me. Click here and here to see her style.Maxi trend is something that never dies, is it just me or is everyone as smitten as I am? Maxi skirts are extremely versatile, feminine and stylish. Maxi is one piece that can be worn with a flat to hangout during day, and be transformed into a dinner outfit just by adding a pair of heels, hence its versatility. The fact that it could be worn during winter with thick leggings and boots make it worth investing. Yes! its one of the best staple these days.

 These shoes are Christian Louboutin Illusion Pumps inspired. I can't get over how pretty they are. I never waste more than $300 on any shoes, exception being on Loubis and Guiseppe Zanotti's. I own many replicas of GZ but I do own 2 loubis. One I got on boxing day in australia and one just recently. When I was in sydney, I visited Christian Louboutin store and actually saw these beauties, felt it in my hand but being a student, they were way out of my league. This replica from Jessica Burman blew me away with its quality. I am not saying its as good as the original piece but very good indeed for their price.
 I have been trying different cameras, the last post in blue dress were taken from my Canon EOS 70D, but these are taken from one of the old cameras of my brother EOS 350D, which is amost a decade old. I prefer this old camera because it comes with very big and cool lenses. I am learning more about cameras and photography as I continue to blog.
This is an OOTD, something I wore when I took my darling nephews out. Anyways guys see you soon yet with another update, till then, take care and be happy.
xoxo,                                Skirt/top/belt : Hangzhou China
C                                      Bag: Bangkok
                                        Shoes : Jessica Buurman ( here)

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Royal Blue and Ivory Print

Hey guys!
Its been so long since my last update, especially me as a model. Let me not bore you with what kept me away from blogging.
Electric Blue seems to be my current obsession, especially when it comes to footwear. I have quite a few in my collection.I think I promised posts on summer trends and essentials long time back, but somehow I was so busy, had to prioritise career over a hobby.
I was in dilemma while buying that dress, since they come in full and midi length. Considering my height and all other factors, midi suited me fine and I don't regret tad bit.This dress is so girlishly pretty, I adore the embellishments on top part, the whole White-blue combination has Roberto Cavalli touch to it , as they have huge collection of clothing in that print.  Ever since Roberto Cavalli, there has been an epedimic outbreak of this print. Affordable brands like ASOS, Zara and Topshop also do have lot of collections in this print.I have a blazer and a maxi dress in this print and I am dying to post em.
This dress was initially $300 in The Iconic, which is australian version of ASOS. They sell stuffs much cheaper compared to other stores and I just adore their collection. But I got em for half the price.

Like I have mentioned before I will bring to you most of popular prints and trends of summer even though I might be little late. Next on blog I would like to show my Moschino Graffiti dress and yes graffiti prints are so in this season!

Keeping this short, do enjoy my pictures and do look forward to some kickass prints from all girls' favourite designers.

xoxo,                                   Dress: Tadashi Shoji  ( here)
C.                                        Heels : Gucci Victorie Inspired ( buy similar here )