Saturday, 17 November 2012

Vintage Jumpsuit : i Call it curvy Jumpsuit part 2

Hello Guys,
Phew! Been meaning to post but been busy with exams. As u can tell this is the continuation of our pervious post, hence the Jumpsuit- again! I am totally in love with this sequin bodice Jumpsuit, especially its sequin detailing on bodice. 
I have this " I hate my legs syndrome " these days; my legs literally have 2 colours. It’s so hard to get rid of long-term sun- tan. I would kill to get rid of it. So, I have to improvise when it comes to my clothing- big time! As I have mentioned how lately I have been all into maxis and Pants, anything that covers my legs I guess.
Have you noticed that cloths with sequin detailing are uber expensive? I fell in love with this particular jumpsuit (gosh was so beautiful). It had sequin detailing like the one I am wearing but it was way out of my price range, I couldn’t afford to pay $660 for a dress, that too from some aussie designer whose name I didn’t know. I was over the moon when I found this jumpsuit from THE CASSETTE SOCIETY (in half the price of the previous jumpsuit). They looked so alike but massive difference in price. Even though I paid half, it still was expensive for me but I couldn’t bear not having it.
Every few months I obsess over a particular color, it was blue last few months~ now its all about pink; you will know how much with upcoming posts. As I said in my previous posts about how bias I was when it came to brands. I swear to myself, I was not gonna buy anything from NINEWEST and GUESS – ever!
Yet I bought this handbag, its not that I really liked it or my liking for pink has to do with it. I bought a pair of boots months ago, when there were still chills. Due to sudden rise in temperature; I didn’t see its need so I wanted them to refund me. They don’t do refunds only returns. When I couldn’t find anything of my fancy, I randomly picked this bag. 

I thought for a moment i should wear a heavy neckpiece since its strapless but sometimes it looks better without accessories, so just wore this heart necklace. Its in white Gold and its my first anniversary Gift so it holds dear to my heart. I think it complimented well with this whole get-up and my studded belt gave a nice finishing touch.

Looking good has its sacrifices. Every girl is shoe-icidal, most of us can wear heels just for looks and not think of comfort, and most shoes kill our feets be it a Louis vuitton or Louboutin. I am not saying I am any different but I do carry backups. I carry my flats, as you can tell by my last image. I can wear heels better than most of my friends but I am not a big fan, you can say heels were just for a photo-shoot (wink)

Shoes( heels): Wanted Shoes
Blazer : Zara
                                                           Handbag: Nine west
                                                           Belt: Forever  New
Bracelet: Diva


  1. I am a big fan of this dress. Really rally love this look on you.
    Moreover, the randomly picked bag matches so well with the dress.
    Post more ;)

    1. Thank you :)
      come here and be my model..see you!