Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Colour Blocking : Ombre dress+ Studs

 Hi everyone,
Yes yes, i know color blocking was a trend for summer of 2012 and now its going fall for many of you but since my summer has just started, i aint late you know plus i would hate for this trend to just fade away. LUCKY ME, i live in this part of the earth and this style is definitely sticking around for me. Here i have tried to decode the trend and give my two cents on it. Since, its first of it kinds from my side, hope it makes a fun read.
I have mixed and matched most popular hues of this season to create an outfit that is fresh and at the same time a fashion forward.what i like about color blocking is when bold and bright colours are paired together,they look contrasting yet complimentary. I have made a conscientious decision to rock more than a black , so did i succeed? You must have noticed my dress, ombre two in one outfit, i personally love this red-pink combo and to accentuate my curves ( which i don't have ) i added studded belt.
I have realised i am really bais about the brands i use, most of my dresses are from Forever 21 and Forever New, subtle difference in name yet a massive difference in price, I think Forever New has the finest quality, I am more of quality oriented than style, but i wish it was little cheaper.
btw what kinda shopper are you? do u prefer numbers over authenticity? ok let me cite an example would you prefer 5 pieces of Forever 21 over one Forever New? i am little bit of both, i have never been an extremist.

I wanted to wear my hair simply so wore pinup rolls, thought it was good for a heat but if you notice carefully some pictures where i am wearing jacket i have my hair down, thats because it has been really windy these few days, it was chill-ish outside, i undid my hair as i wanted to show my ombre hair with my dress, though it an accidental ombre for me, since i haven't kept up with my hair color.
Chunky heels, normally they are uber comfortable, this pair was no exception.

                                                      Jacket : Zara
                                                      Dress : Forever New
                                                      Shoes: Shu Bar
                                                      Clutch: Ninewest
                                                     Accesories: Colette

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