Thursday, 21 February 2013

simplicity at its best!

Hey guys,
I don't have a new post, these photos were taken god knows when, they are ancient (exaggerated). I think they are almost 2 months old. I didn't post these pictures because they were actually not meant for blog. It was taken while we were relaxing near harbour and pictures came pretty average, outfit is simple so I was like" nahhh its just way too plain". This Whole look is what I call 'lazy day outfit'.
We all have those days: you know, where you are too tired to think after all-nighter you just pulled. You want nothing more than to hit the snooze button and curl back up in your bed- only you can’t. You don’t wana waste the weekend sleeping so when you decide to finally go out, the hardest thing to do when you are tired and lazy –decide what to wear. I don’t know about you guys, but when I feel like dressing lazy, I hate wearing tight fitting cloths. So I decided to work comfort into my lazy day wardrobe buy pulling out my billowy jumpsuit, its loose and comfy!
Nothing hurts more than a toothache right? well I kinda have been battling with the pain, not really a toothache but I am getting my wisdom teeth and in different circumstances I would have been happy that I am getting wiser but they sure hurt a lot, I have been battling with the pain for a week now, that should explain why I was laying  low profile ( laugh). I will have a post tomorrow, so today enjoy these pictures even though they might not be one of my best.

C.                                     Jumpsuit : Online
                                         Top : Forever New
                                         Sunny : Louis Vuitton
                                         Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell ( here)

Oh! I forgot to mention, on my last valentine post I was asked where I bought my Chloe clutch. And this question brings me to the post which I have been meaning to do for a while, I actually was planing on making a video, at the moment my editing skills are not that good. To buy designer bags is easy but to buy designer bag cheap is tricky. There are so many sites where they sell designers bags. Not all of them are authentic, so you have to be very careful when you buy, especially from ebay.
 there are two kinds of replicas, one which is less than $100 and one which costs around $300-600.
Example: the above picture is the Louis Vitton in monogram print, the authentic Louis Vuitton will always have a beige strap/handle, whatever they are called. On the bag can you see their Logo LV? they will always be in a straight line, from top to bottom or from side to side. These are some of the obvious to authenticate the brand, but the thing is though replica which costs less than $100 might not have these details, the one which costs $300-600 has everything I just said. To verify more you have to check the details inside, which I will show you in my video.
Every replica designer bags have some loopholes, Chanel you can tell just by looking at the leather, Balenciaga with the buckle and Jimmy Choo with the letter "H", Versace with the chain/zip.Celine you can tell just with the glance, because the designer handbags are hand sewed, their stitches have professionalism and designer written all over it.
I wouldn't recommend buying designer bag from ebay because most are fakes, but there are authentic ones and prizes are lesser than stores. If you really wana save, there are websites that can verify if the article is real or fake.It takes months of saving for many of us to buy one, it would be such an unfortunate incident if you end up paying so much money for a fake item. I will explain the details in my video, till than be careful when you shop.
If you are planing to buy a designer bag from some new websites, you can always contact me, I can have it verified. I am little good in this field.

Good night!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's day outfit : LBD

I am sure this post will disappoint many readers. Since, I have been posting outfit suggestions for last few weeks. Many had a huge anticipation on my final outfit and look, I had many friends asking me whats its gona be and when this shoot didn't turn out the way I wanted, I wasn't sure if I should upload.  
I am sorry I couldn't post these pictures yesterday, I actually didn't want to. They came pretty bad as 
they were taken by my boyfriend who is pretty new to taking blog pictures. He really hates everything 
related blog, and normally I keep it away from him. He thinks its narcissistic and a mean to show off. 
I have wasted enough energy trying to convince him otherwise. 
I had to improvise last minute, my actual outfit was a full sleeved golden dress,its sexy and sensuous,  can't find any other adjective to describe the essence of that dress. I wanted to tone down the outfit with my Steve Madden tall boots;knee highs usually add stylish yet flirtatious vibe. I thought the pairing was a fitting final outfit with my new Hermes Satchel which is in beige. When I had that ensemble picked, I checked the weather and it showed little drizzle and was supposed to be no sun-day. But it happened just the otherwise, it was a very sunny and hot day, I could never have pulled off a tall boot in that heat and temperature.

So, I had to go for other alternatives. I wanted to show my Hermes Satchel so bad, that I started with it and started picking other pieces that matched with it . I love this black playsuit..its roomy and has a very relaxed fitting . I actually wanted to match my shoes with my bag because my boot( the one i didn't wear) were same color as my bag. I had to get ready so fast that,I had to pick the first pair of shoes which quite resembled my bag. Which was a very bad idea, these shoes kinda spoil the whole look. 
 Sometimes you do things to save money, but end up spending more. Don't act smart if you are not one ( laugh). Just like what I did with C&K shoes,since they were cheap, I had this crazy idea that if I buy all my shoes together and they were giving me fair discount, thought I would save major money by not buying shoes from here.
This pair is one of the many, not only did I not wear them, ended up buying shoes here,hence, spending more money.
I have always fancied ZARA, but lately their collections are breath taking, especially jackets in very affordable prizes. It has become a ritual to visit their store and not return empty handed. If you keep up with my posts, you must have noticed almost all of my summer Jackets are from Zara.Last year their tweed collections in neons were superb. I uploaded their web picture of this jacket because my photographer failed to show the beauty entirely, it has a zebra print,which compliments so well with orange.

I hope all you lovelies had a good time yesterday? If it didn't go as planned, don't worry there always is a next time. For me, it was simple yet a good one.

 This whole look is more focused on my bag, as you can tell by the number of close up shots I have taken. I have done my fair share of waiting to get my hands on them. As I have mentioned before, starting this year I will be focused more on quality and probably just buy 3-4 bags a year.
toodle-oo         Playsuit : ASOS (here)
C                     Jacket :Zara (out of stock)
                        Bag : HERMES
                        Shoes : Charles and Keith
                        Accessories : colette

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine Special :Final Outfit 1

 Hey everyone!
Everyone has their opinion about valentines day. For some, its single awareness day and I bet they hate the day a lot and for many others ( like me), its a day to show your significant person how much they mean and how much we care about them. Some people don't celebrate because they beleive love is something to be expressed everyday and not just on 14th feb,just because a guy named Geoffrey Chaucer said so. I have never been that depressed single on valentines day during my single days nor someone who totally over looked it. Last few years  that I have been in relationship, I have always celebrated V-day grandly--- not dinner at Hilton grand but a good spent of money and time on trivial stuffs that we both enjoy.
Today being valentine's eve, just wanted to give you outfit suggestion. Yes! I did wear this outfit today and its more like OOTD ( outfit of the day) . I have been sick and couldn't keep up with the posts and today I wasn't feeling any better..I was clumsy on photoshoot and I just took few clicks on my way out to meet my date. We celebrate both on 13th and 14th, we have always prioritised gift giving system before, we would give each other the most coveted things from our wish list...we had this trend of gift giving,where we had to let the other one know what we wanted months before vday,so that one could do all the saving money and ordering thingy.This year, we decided no gifts but to spend money on going out and spending some quality time.
 Oh my! finally I am able to show my chloe clutch, been in my wish list for way to long. I feel so happy to own one( though they made me broke like shit hahaa). Chloe fashion house is one of my favourite designers. I like their sunglasses more but their prices are little out of my league, takes months of savings but its worth it. From this year, my shopping resolution is to buy lesser quantities but buy best ones when I do.
Shoes are from Chinese Laundry , their prizes are very reasonable and quality superb. I am the type who can't invest huge in shoes,because, no matter how much you pay, they get worn out and dirty just the same. I invest tad more on bags,sunnies and jackets than shoes and dresses. Well I was meaning to sell my ponchos via this post, I am wearing it for first time but i doubt anyone would buy it. I actually paid full prize, but they are on sale in stores and I was hoping to sell at the sale's prize.

 I love the back part,this dress is pretty cheap. You must have seen lately I have most of my stuffs from ASOS; thats why I love ASOS and forever 21, You can get tons of dresses with very little money, I like going shopping spree and yet not waste much money.And moreover quality is pretty good for the prize.
 I actually wanted to have a rough messy hairdo,after all, this is supposed to be sexy. I had no energy to do my hair since the hair I wanted to wear was a faux hawk inspired by CL ( 2ne1). I needed to curl my hair for that, and I really felt too weak for that.So, I wore this simple hairdo.
 If you are wondering,why I am wearing thick Poncho, thats because its been raining here. Had hardly been sunny for days. Normally I wear light bright red lips, I tried this ox-blood red on my lips and yeah I did get few stares or maybe I just assumed it ( laughs)

                   I ll try to post tomorrow's outfit as well. Everyone! have a good time with your special one <3
                      Dress :Asos ( click here)
                     Shoes : Chinese Laundry (click here)
                     Clutch : Chloe ( out of stock)
                     Ponchos : ( click here )

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine Suggestions: Look lady Like part 2

 Hey guys,
I will make this post short. I wasn't sure how classy ladies dress and I was like blank so I tried to create my defination of "LADY" with a summer theme. My dream is to one day attend New york fashion week and it will always be just a dream.Their collections included  lots of faux furs ( jackets,vests,scarves )' , then I was like thats right classy lady always wear expensive furs.
I think faux vest are the best transitional piece, from winter-spring, summer-fall.
I think one of the thing that makes a boring outfit fabulous is a dash of faux fur. Faux fur vests are the best layering piece and its easy to pop on over any sweater or a thin/ leather jackets for extra warmth and glamour! After watching New york fashion week and many designers' collections of faux furs I think I have FFF ( faux fur fever)
 My photographer thought I should pose like that, does that look familiar? (laugh). Its a Vampire diaries pose.

 It rained so I could wear that vest, for other times its pretty warm for a summer. If you are wondering how could one dress like that on valentine and that outfit is no way valentinish,for those of you who are experiencing winter, wear a thick leggings and a tall boot with a sweater and add a faux fur jacket or vest,its warm and very classy pairing. I just created summer version of that with my netted tights.
Today, is a very good day. Its a grammy night/losar/new york fashion week. yay!! lots to celebrate and I wish every bhutanese and Chinese a very happy new year. Hope this snake year treats you well, wishes and regards from our team.

 try to recreate this look with the stuffs you have, improvising is important, there is no need to shop just because I suggested. I am in a middle of something right now,so, I cant write any further. You are gona love the upcoming posts, I personally saved my favourite outfits and shoes for last posts.
After Valentine,we will resume weekly posts because frequent updates can be tad daunting.

  C                                 Tank dress : Armani Exchange
                                      Vest : Uno Shimada
                                       Purse/shoes : Guess
                                       tights: Gloss
                                   Belt : online