Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Different shades of blue

Hello everyone!
A very happy new year!! may everyday of the year 2014 glow with happiness and success for you. And today as we bid farewell to 2013 I wana thank all the supporters. This post is for all those of you who requested a post with bhutanese theme and who asked me to have a regular post. I really wish I could update as much as I would love to but having to work most of the time from 8am- 8pm, makes it very hard for me to have a time for anything else. Working with dad, though his firm is nothing big, but being one of the members of board of directors, comes responsibility.
Let me not bore you with work stuffs, everyone has work to make a living, so cant complain.This skirt is  "hand- me- down"piece, since now everyone wears half kiras and when my sister made a full kira into half, she was left with one piece of clothing and she gave it to me saying bloggers normally make use of these stuffs. I did nothing, just made a a bow patterned skirt without having to actually sew anything.
I am in love with venue where we had this shoot, it was an orchard, midst of all there was a ruin, which seemed so old and gave me a spooky vibe as if it was haunted or something. As you can see there is a ruin of a earthy house behind me and I really loved the place.

These heels are Dsquared spine heels inspired, in no way I could afford an original piece which costs almost $2000. Even if I could I have learnt that heels no matter what brand, be it louboutin or from a footpath, it gets dirty just the same. Having bought from loubi to a street, I feel it unwise to spend more than $300 on footware.Granted everyone loves high quality but at the end of the day I find it wiser to waste on something which we don't have to drag down the ground like a bag or sunglass. These heels though they might look deadly but they are so comfortable, I can't seem to get enough of it. I have another pair which is unworn and new, inbox me if you are interested in buying.
 Did you like my different shades of blue ensemble?  I think it turned out okay, not one of my best but good enough, what say?
Anyways guys have a kickass newyear eve and my warm and sincere wishes for 2014.

xoxo,                            Jacket/tights : H&M ( here)
C.                                 Shoes : Hongkong
                                     Skirt/ gloves : Bhutan
                                     Sunglass : Rayban
                                     Top : bkk

Saturday, 28 December 2013

A timeless Trend

 Hello everyone!
Its been really long since I last blogged. I seriously considered shutting down my page since I get no time at all. Lots of my friends and people I meet during social gatherings really urged me to continue and I like a feeling when  random strangers come to me and congratulate and express how much they like going through my pictures. Feelings I get is not something I can put into words. Hence I decided to post when and if I had free time. Last few days I have been badly sick, Its a self declared holiday for me while I recuperate.

The street and the weather have spoken for today's outfit: thick over jackets season is in full swing.These over jackets are indispensable items during winter, I call it a "Timeless trend".  The temperature is dropping, but that just gives us an excuse to wear our favorite jackets be it trench coat, patterned coats, and cropped leather jackets and pair em with out favourite leggings. In this post I decided on my half faux leather pant which is uber cool and stylish.
 I bought few of JC litas inspired shoes from Honzhou China. Honzhou China is a shopping paradise for women like us. You can get most of designers replicas in most affordable prizes. These JC inspired lita skull platform booties were only Nu.2000 which is way too good price to be true considering original JC costs $240.

 What are your winter essentials? Mine would definitely be a thick scarves and beanies along with my jackets and boots. Stay tuned for more post updates and Hope I ll have a kickass post on new year.
                            STAY WARM AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE SINCE YOLO .

                                Jacket/Shoes : Hangzhou China
                                pant/scarf/ Shirt : Bkk

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Fun and Flirty!

Hi Everyone!
I know its been a while since my last update but I am genuinely caught up with stuffs that I just can't get out off. I managed to take few pictures today morning as I thought it was time I had a post. Coming back to my post, meet my new model, she is a fashion enthusiast just like me and we have so many common grounds we end up spending most of out free times together.
Various fashion trends come and go but the whimsical polka dot trend has never left the fashion trend charts. Some may think that this print is only for little girls but this retro print has always made women of all ages fall on their knees, I think its just simply fun and flirty, and of course sensational.Polka dots seem to be emerging on every item of clothing so I'm going to term this print as the most versatile print!

I read somewhere that its very bad decision to pair polkadots together,normally they turn out to be bad ensemble, defying fashion 101 rule I paired all my polka dot separates together. I would have had my polka dot heels just that they got torned when I wore just few times,no surprise since they were inexpensive shoes from one of the malls in Bangkok.
How do you like my bambooed polka dot bag? I think its one of those what I call "cute" bags in my collection.

She has thick lips so I think red lips suits her best, I always encourage her to go bold and wear it always!

I am planing an extravagant photo-shoot with many models so do look forward!
C.                                                        top/pant/accessories/heels :Bangkok
                                                            Jacket : H&M (click here)
                                                                Bag: Bhutan

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Her Little black dress

 Hello darlings!
Normally I finish my work around 8pm and after that I just watch my favourite series or read a book. Today I did neither so thought I should update my blog.
The little black dress or LBD as it is affectionately referred to, is the ultimate wardrobe staple.Worn to brunch or dinner,work or cocktails, the LBD as we call it caters for every occasion. A LBD is an essential wardrobe basics that every girl should own! with that said I love this fun twist  on the classic black dress; with spiked shoulder, an open back, and a lace detailing. I am so into lace dresses that I bought quite a few from ASOS. I adore the lovely balance between that this dress strikes between conservative and coquettish. Overall, this dress is feminine and she flaunts it so well with the right amount of curves.

 This dress resembles Dolce and Gabbana Splurge dress. The LBD is a black canvas that at its most decorative can be spectacular, but kept simple can be casual-chic.
 Women often get a bad rap for having a shoe obsession.However, with all of the endless styles and colors to choose from, who can blame a woman for having her closet stacked from top to bottom with shoes? Like I have mentioned earlier I invest tad more on bags and shoes, most of shoes I own I feel are not meant for Bhutan with puddles everywhere, so my family suggested I buy few from bangkok so that I can wear and not feel bad about. I just brought 6 pairs of shoes from sydney as I am getting most of em shipped which are yet to arrive,so you ll see most of my shoes are from bangkok till my cargo arrives.

 Black heels with black dress isn't a bad ensemble is it? Anyways I hope you liked my post. I don't really know what to write anymore so I kiss everyone good night and wish everyone a fun week.

xoxo,                                        Dress : ASOS (here )
C.                                              Purse : Chanel
                                                  Heels : Bkk