Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's day outfit : LBD

I am sure this post will disappoint many readers. Since, I have been posting outfit suggestions for last few weeks. Many had a huge anticipation on my final outfit and look, I had many friends asking me whats its gona be and when this shoot didn't turn out the way I wanted, I wasn't sure if I should upload.  
I am sorry I couldn't post these pictures yesterday, I actually didn't want to. They came pretty bad as 
they were taken by my boyfriend who is pretty new to taking blog pictures. He really hates everything 
related blog, and normally I keep it away from him. He thinks its narcissistic and a mean to show off. 
I have wasted enough energy trying to convince him otherwise. 
I had to improvise last minute, my actual outfit was a full sleeved golden dress,its sexy and sensuous,  can't find any other adjective to describe the essence of that dress. I wanted to tone down the outfit with my Steve Madden tall boots;knee highs usually add stylish yet flirtatious vibe. I thought the pairing was a fitting final outfit with my new Hermes Satchel which is in beige. When I had that ensemble picked, I checked the weather and it showed little drizzle and was supposed to be no sun-day. But it happened just the otherwise, it was a very sunny and hot day, I could never have pulled off a tall boot in that heat and temperature.

So, I had to go for other alternatives. I wanted to show my Hermes Satchel so bad, that I started with it and started picking other pieces that matched with it . I love this black playsuit..its roomy and has a very relaxed fitting . I actually wanted to match my shoes with my bag because my boot( the one i didn't wear) were same color as my bag. I had to get ready so fast that,I had to pick the first pair of shoes which quite resembled my bag. Which was a very bad idea, these shoes kinda spoil the whole look. 
 Sometimes you do things to save money, but end up spending more. Don't act smart if you are not one ( laugh). Just like what I did with C&K shoes,since they were cheap, I had this crazy idea that if I buy all my shoes together and they were giving me fair discount, thought I would save major money by not buying shoes from here.
This pair is one of the many, not only did I not wear them, ended up buying shoes here,hence, spending more money.
I have always fancied ZARA, but lately their collections are breath taking, especially jackets in very affordable prizes. It has become a ritual to visit their store and not return empty handed. If you keep up with my posts, you must have noticed almost all of my summer Jackets are from Zara.Last year their tweed collections in neons were superb. I uploaded their web picture of this jacket because my photographer failed to show the beauty entirely, it has a zebra print,which compliments so well with orange.

I hope all you lovelies had a good time yesterday? If it didn't go as planned, don't worry there always is a next time. For me, it was simple yet a good one.

 This whole look is more focused on my bag, as you can tell by the number of close up shots I have taken. I have done my fair share of waiting to get my hands on them. As I have mentioned before, starting this year I will be focused more on quality and probably just buy 3-4 bags a year.
toodle-oo         Playsuit : ASOS (here)
C                     Jacket :Zara (out of stock)
                        Bag : HERMES
                        Shoes : Charles and Keith
                        Accessories : colette

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