Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Dear Readers,
A very Happy blessed rainy to all fellow bhutanese. I had a feast for breakfast and lunch, I can hardly move. Getting back to post, shirt style playsuits are very fashion forward. This all-in-one outfit is not the easiest trend to get it right, but pulled off correctly you can look super sophisticated and stylish. The key to getting it bang on, the fit should be comfortably tailored, cinched at the waist to highlight the curves. what makes this onesie even better is its floral print.This season Playsuit trend has been reenvisioned in a full spectrum of styles,colours,prints and fabrics. From day to night, trust playsuit for a smooth and east transition.

Valentino rockstud mid chunky inspired gladiator to match the dress. I am more into wedge and chuky heels this season. Stilettos, no matter how beautiful they are, they are not easiest to wear. I don't much have social life and I go out even less, now I buy shoes I could wear to work, and this one works just fine.
These are some of chunky heeled gladiator from some of my favourite designers, I decided to get the the cream mid-chunky but I am quite regretful, I have decided to sell em and buy the last two in the picture by Isabel Marant.
xoxo,                                       Playsuit :ASOS
C.                                             Shoes : Valentino Mid chunky inspired 

Friday, 12 September 2014

A little bird whispers

Dear readers,
These photos were taken a while back, but only do I now get a chance to post and elaborate on this beautiful piece of art, artistic because this bird print is here to stay for me. Being a fashion blogger, I have seen trends from loud animal prints to bold animal motifs, highlighting tigers,owls,foxes as mainstreams. Now fashion world is fast transitioning to a higher sophistication. This season vibrant birds motifs are taking over the runway.They are kinda-sorta new in fashionverse, they have a very summery, relaxed and casual vibe to it.Ever since I saw em in Zara few years back I have been pretty much smitten by this print, now I notice  it has become epidemic among many designers and brands. Like I mentioned in my previous post, colors seem irrelevant to me these days if prints work their charm on me.
Girls/ women are very strange creation of god. I truly believe that you cannot know a woman fully even if you spend half a century with her. We bloggers are often ridiculed, discussed, gossiped, hated. Stuffs you hear about yourself through a grapevine is just so hilarious. Sometimes the perspective people have on bloggers and the way they see us and such perception are almost privy to us the bloggers. Im stronly against pages, people who compare bloggers in bhutan, granted there arn't much in bhutan. I am trying to understand that blogging is relatively new to bhutanese. Just recently I had few of my friends telling me,  " this blogger I think she really envies you, she buys stuffs exactly like yours. She imitates you..blah blah..". I just dissed em by saying, 'well what can I say I am influential'. I have no monopoly on any stuff or style, And No I don't really care even IF there is a teeny weeny bit of truth to that. I think people shouldn't really care if bloggers do post on homogenous goods. I personally hate being compared, ' who wore it better' has never been my thing. Stop comparing, everyone is different, I think healthy competition is good. Don't make it unhealthy by comparing, second guessing, creating rivalry when there is none. Stop comparing and gauging, thing about comparison is that there is no winner. I am no gandhi, got my own vices but cat fight has never been one of em. I have never written a post belittling anyone, so if this post offended anyone I can only say Sorry! Jealousy and cat fights never been my forte. 'A little bird whispers' hope you get the innuendo after what I just wrote (haha)
Gone are those days when I used to obsess about this cut-out wedge shoes. Sold this one and I intend to sell all of em..yes! down to last piece. I am well over em alright! Pictures below are similar dresses won by other bloggers, is it just me or is this print as awesome as I am making it to be ( haha). I am waiting for full sleeved version of this dress to be delivered. Next on blog with another favourite print of mine.
xoxo,                                                       Dress: Zara replica
C.                                                            heels/ bag : Hongkong 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Dear readers,
How is life? I have kinda been thinking a lot about life, priorities, relationships, love and politics too haha (jokes). Just been giving lot of thoughts on many things but let me be less philosopher and more fashion- enthusiast here. Coming to the post, I have been lusting after anything green or electric blue lately, but more overly I declare myself obsessed with different prints. Love marble, graffiti, desigual prints to the artsy floral frocks, even those ridiculous ones like abstract, galaxy  and most people's favourites like aztec, tribal and tie-dyes. As fond as I am of colors, I cannot get enough of my printed items with their jumble of patterns and designs, they really seem to represent my mood. FYI these prints are everywhere in fashionverse, they are very hard to avoid..which is A-ok with me!

This tie-dyed maxi dress from zara,maybe, is one of most blogged about in blogosphere. I have seen it worn buttoned all the way, un buttoned with different separates from shorts, jeans or over a bikini. I decided to wear my  black leather shorts underneath so that I don't show anything over its sheer chiffon material.

I had this stilettos for a while, didn't really get around in flaunting em and I just outgrew outta it and decided to sell.

I am loving this fedora hat from forever 21. In some pictures I am wearing necklace but in most I am not, it looks much better with neckpeice right ? Anyways guys one down from the prints I want to showcase and do look forward for more.
toodle-oo,                                           Dress :Zara
C.                                                        Shorts/hat/neckpiece : Forever 21
                                                            Heels : hongkong