Sunday, 23 February 2014

Almost in love!

Hey guys!
just a weekly post update.  If you like keeping your outfit simple, a dress with the right length jacket is all you need for a low key outfit. It might make you feel under-dressed or sloppy, for me its the right way to be classy, never under dressed and not over the top as well. To chic up this relaxed look I paired with a spiked shoes to add some edginess to this look.
I have tried to embrace our feminity by wearing a mini dress with a middle length jacket and have actually subdued my accessories to minimum. I think studded neck part of the dress is enough to make a statement. I have been into dresses which come embroidered in a dress, without actually having to bother with accessories. I have few dresses from Forever New which have all these beautiful neck pieces, I have actually saved em so that I can post during summer.

I have always mentioned that I was never a Jeffrey Campbell lita fan. I never understood the degree of craze people had for em! I have bought few shoes of Mr. Campbell over the years; but not the litas, never the litas. I don't own any real lita from Mr. Campbell but I do own around 6 replicas. These are the replicas of quilted litas, they were around $45. Considering real one costs almost $180, I would say I have scored a jackpot. If getting such quality shoes in that price isn't lucky, I don't know what is!
Its time to confess that lita is growing on me.You can say I am almost in love with them.These boots goes with everything.Leggings, skinny jeans and dresses, maybe one of the most versatile shoes in my collection.They make good everyday boots when I don't want to put my "good shoes" through rain or dingy drive bars.

Nothing to write much as I am really tired having just returned from work. If you  know tad bit of working in finance and accouting, Januarys and Februarys of every year are busiest months for us, considering all auditing, BIT, PIT happen in that stated time frame along with your daily job. So't cant wait till this phase is over.Night everyone!

xoxo,                             Jacket : Uno Shimada
C.                                   Dress : bangkok
                                       Shoes : Hangzhou China

Friday, 14 February 2014

My color crush :Electric Blue

Hey everyone!
Its Valentines day today, and I heard its infamously called 'single awareness day' (laugh). I think I can empathise with singles to see their facebook walls and all other social sites especially like instagram filled with pictures of lovebirds, it can make you feel..well..very single! Don't let it bother you, just go party with your best friends as this time it falls on friday and sleep off your hangover during weekend.

Whether you are celebrating the big day with a sweet, low-key dinner at home, hitting the town with your man, or celebrating your singledom with your girls, just look your best. We get so lost in our busy lives, we often forget to love ourselves. Don't worry whether he loves you or loves you not-this valentines day, the only thing that matter is if you love yourself and your outfit, just look beautiful as you owe yourself. This one time in the year where everyone tries to show the significant other how much they love them and often forget to love as much yourself.

Whether you are watching rom-com with your friends or going out, midi length dresses are safer,comfier and seriously cute outfit for valentine. Don't you just love this shade,mostly known as royal blue or electric blue? I simply adore em! This dress came along with a metallic belt,which I am afraid I misplaced it somewhere. This dress kinda looks incomplete, would have looked better if I have worn a belt to cinch my waist line.
Gucci Victoire inspired shoes, just love those heels. As mentioned I am a huge buckle fan, be it in cloths or shoes.

Word of suggestions, forever new is pretty good brand to buy dresses. They have superb quality, easily beating Zara and Topshop. But yeah in Jackets,no one beats Zara. Topshop is just overrated (laugh) , I have the best tops  from topshop so yeah everyone has their pros and cons. 
This post I didn't mean to make a valentine post, I just had these photos taken and I really didn't get to do another photoshoot. This dress with so many cuts from ASOS was supposed to be the outfit for my valentine post. Well there always is a next time. Loved the mesh detailing. Picture below is just too hilarious, supposedly a super model pose but looks so funny when I do it (laugh), anyways HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!

xoxo,                                                   Dress :Forever New ( here)
C.                                                         Shoes : (here)
                                                             sling bag :( here)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Leather up ladies!

Hello Everyone!
I have been meaning to post sooner but I just got caught up with stuffs. This post is Cara Delevingne inspired post. I will keep this post short because I have squeezed this time to post between my lunch break.

Yes! She is the coolest kid on the block.Yes she has walked in every fashion show and yes I like her quirky character, edgy tomboy style and fun-loving attitude and not to mention the weirdest expressions she makes.

Boots with studs and buckle, everything I could want in a shoe. Quality is great, worth every penny of $200.

Take a fashion risk and throw on a pair of black and white striped pants the next time you go out. I know you risk looking like a prisoner on loose (laugh), but hey dare it and just pair it subtly with dark colours, you would definitely rock em!

 This season, especially now that spring is just weeks away, leather is everywhere,toughening up all our outfit.It seems designers now prefers to use leather as an accessory or match it up with much softer fabrics. You must have seen leather on jackets,sweaters,t-shirts and leggings. Leathers present in small details such as sleeves,elbow patches,cuffs,etc..I am totally digging this trend right now and I have few jackets with little leather detailing. They are more comfortable to wear than 100% leather oufits, which I must say is uncomfortable and down right expensive.

 I find this ensemble tomboyishly feminine, elegant and very unforgetable, don't you agree?

                                                                Pant: ASOS
                                                                Jacket :Bhutan
                                                                Gangnam Tee: Forever 21
                                                                Shoes : Wittner Shoes

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Redtastic combo or Aztec? ???

Hello people and hello February!
I don't know why but whenever February is mentioned I associate it with love, so February I'm ready for some love (laugh). I think weather has become lot warmer, looks like thats the end of our endless winter. To go with weather I wanted something light so I decided on my bubble skirt paired with sheer top and every girls' favorite knee-high black leather boots. Bubble skirts are voluminious, have a round and bubble with a beautiful hem at the bottom and tight-fitted at the waistline.They are one of the best choice for casual wears, can wear em to a cocktail party,prom or semi formal party.Bubble skirts complement tank tops,fitted tank tops,ruffles or puff sleeves top,sweats, blazers and even jackets.

.Classic black knee-high boots are so versatile, you can work em with your skinnies, skirts and dresses.For an on-trend and eye catching look, don't go for plain boots but rather which has come glossy patent, that will take your everyday look to stylish new heights.

I am a die hard blazer fan, I have quite a collection and  latest ones to join the family are my yellow and royal blue.My friend loved my yellow blazer, she convinced me somehow to sell it to her (laugh).So, it is no brainer I chose one of my blazers for the very first opportunity I got.

This Aztec print blazer is one of the last piece of clothing I shopped when I was in sydney. Actually after I was about to leave shopping mall after finishing almost all my money, I spotted this jacket, I had been searching this jacket but Zara sales person told me they went out of stock ages ago, luckily that zara store had this jacket that too in my size, sadly I had finished almost all my money, and voila! comes my knight in shining sweet boyfriend bought it for me and he was like wait till I make you buy for me from your first pay (laugh)

When wearing a tribal print, your look is instantly trendy.These fashion-forward pieces give you street-style flair with a cultured edge. Tribal print trend is here to stay..They have been around for quite some time now.

toodle-oo,                                       Red Blazers/Aztec Blazer : Zara
C.                                                   Top/skirt : Bangkok
                                                       Boots : wanted Shoes