Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Monochrome : Work the kimino trend

Hey Everyone!
I actually Planned to post this on sunday but even during my off day I ended up being busy. Excuses aside, have you ever felt that helplessness, when you thought something was there close enough for you to grasp and be snatched right away from you? hahaa..what I am trying to say is, I have been looking forward to my walk in closet for months. As carpenters did our new place, I was tolerant and understanding enough to prioritise kitchen and other furnitures over my closet ,which I knew could wait. Now that house is move-in-ready, carpenters decide to leave for Durga puja and successive pujas that shall follow for almost 2 months when they were about to start with my closet, WTF right? So I ll have a totally empty room attached to my bedroom for next few months, I feel betrayed ( laugh).

Coming back to the post, these photos were taken a while back so I am not sure if this will make an appropriate fall post, as temperature has taken a drastic downfall. I love wearing long kimonos over a shorts, dresses, rompers and even with jeans. Kimonos more like kimo-YES!! trend for me, one of the best transitional pieces from summer-fall. Without changing your summer wardrobe completely, you can just add kimonos over your summer pieces paired with tall boots and booties, voila there is your perfect fall pairing! The bohemian staple has gone full-on mainstream, options available at every price point, you can find a best version that compliments you and your wallet.

"CAN ALWAYS BE MYSELF AROUND YOU" , I am sure everyone has that certain someone with whom you can be yourself. I was so in love with these shoes when I bought em but now they are everywhere plus this has teenage punkass-ness written all over, so I decided to sell em and wear things more my age appropraite ( laugh) .

I love the cut off bib section of this romper, has certain sass and class to this romper. I love cloths from boohoo, this Uk based brand makes the best women clothing in most affordable prices and this look won't be complete without my lace sheer kimono.
Since This whole look has only two colors, I have added monochromatic effects to pictures for more dramatics on black and white, plus these photos had very bad lighting to em.
xoxo,                             Romper : Boohoo ( via ASOS)
C.                                  Shoes/ Kimono : China


  1. gorgeous as alys and outfits are amazing.....keep blogging!!!

    1. Thank you Chimi for always saying sweetest things :)

  2. Nice kimono :)
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    Maria V.