Monday, 31 March 2014

Pastels : The IT color part II

Dear readers,
Nothing is more beautiful than a spring! I really want to do a spring-post but I am really buried in work right now. These pictures were taken last year, didn't really get around in posting em as I found these pictures less blog worthy.
Now that I have no updates, thought something was better than nothing. I am so in love with pastel colors this spring. I have few pastel outfits to run this spring but it has to wait another two weeks, can't wait this BIT shit to get over with.
I love this top in pastel pink with roses on its collars and they are in peplum too.

These Jimmychoo inspired shoes with starstuds are just so cool, it bring the rebel and princessy sides of you together.

I love anything in leather, might not be the comfiest but they are the definition of chicness and boldness. I have a leather skirt pairing that I wana show, hopefully soon!

wait few weeks and I am gona show many runway inspired looks with a spring theme obviously! Work hard, earn many, spend wisely, be kind and just enjoy your life.

xoxo,                            Top:Bangkok
C.                                  Shorts: Forever 21
                                      Shoes: Windsor Smith
                                       Bag :LV 


  1. I am eager to see you in Bhutanese traditional attire! Not the modified dressing style but exactly the pure total traditional!

    1. I shall,soon alrighty? friends have been asking me to do the same :)