Monday, 3 March 2014

Spring time!

 A beautiful fabric, a big day ( Bhutanese new year ) , a green background in the middle of nowhere, one sunny spring day. One blonde, her bestie ( me) behind her lense, a little bit of nude, blue skys...And a little red skater skirt..hahaa..
Tring to be all poetic out there (wink) oh btw hello guys!
Happy Losar and I hope you had a good time?. I thought I would have no update and just catch up on my sleep but old habbit dies hard;I can't seem to sleep beyond 8:30 am. So me and my girlfriend just wanted to play around a bit. Lately she has been helping me a lot with my work, she comes for a sleepover but ends up helping me since she too did study business. We do all the punching datas together and late night working suddenly turns out to be fun.

 Spring has-as they say-sprung! that means time to shed heavy outfits and break out your warm weather favourites. I just wanted to have a spring themed post and she wanted to do post on this ASOS skater skirts, so we picked the other seperates to match with it.
 I have tried on our bhutanese kera, I always thought it would make a good belt. So, do you think it worked?

Valentino rockstud shoes , which I have mentioned so many times before, is one of the most beautiful shoes ever made if you ask me not necessarily a true statement per se.It kinda looks loosely tied in the pictures, probably because its in my measurements as her feets are tad smaller than mine.
I have these beauties in red and black as well, crazy right? I just love em so much and love em in any color especially nude and red.

Anyways guys have a wonderful male wood horse years and just have fun with your life. Hope your weeks ahead are fun as mine are packed with deadlines.

xoxo,                                                     top/lace cardigan : bangkok
C.                                                                            Skirts : ASOS
                                                                                heels : Jessica Burman (here )

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