Friday, 28 March 2014

Pastel : The IT color

Hello readers,
Looks like pastel trend is here to stay, I was going through some of the the runway outfits for the fashion show held by some of my favourite designers. I was taken aback by the color boldness in their collections. I have been obsessing about pastel colors lately, I haven't had time for a shoot to do posts on some of my pastel collections. This outfit wasn't supposed to make it on blog, me and my girlfriend we just played with different lenses, Not we, I did. I wanted to try my lenses since we already planned to go riverside and I asked if she wanted to be my model. We would have done a better pairing. She grabbed whatever first outfit she found in my closet hence the mis-matched shoes and all.
You got to love wearing pastels for spring, they bring life to an outfit.
She picked first pair of shoes she found on my rack. I am afraid those are my work shoes ( laugh).

I haven't had time for anything else lately but work. To make-up for all the funs I have missed and fun I am missing, been going serial shopper online. It takes longer but I am just glad I can do online shopping even from Bhutan. Few of my packages have arrived, Can't wait to show em soon!



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