Friday, 7 March 2014


 Hello everyone!
This pictures are not really meant for blog, I went for a sorta-picnic with my girlfriends near river side. We got quite drenched and dirtied in sand so this was the outfit I changed into. Pictures did turn out good. Talking about rivers, many of you guys must have seen pictures of new year bash party in facebook page Bhutanese Girls, my family kinda throws this NY bash near Tulsa river every year. Till last year it was free entry and drinks. You guys should definitely come for 2015 party.Ain't no party better than a beach party right? . Well in my case its a river ( wink).
Coming to the post, I am wearing every bloggers favourite skort from Zara, its a short/skirt, hence the name skort. I have seen so many bloggers wear it so differently, its one versatile piece, goes with everything. I actually wanted to do a post on this skort paired with my white mesh lita but I guess this ensemble isn't that bad. Click here to see ways you can wear skort.
My lover for gladiator sandals have magnified 10 folds, this year's first purchase of shoes were two of my most coveted gladiator heels. This one has one too many buckles, its the reason for its beauty and also the reason I kinda loath em, which makes em wearing quickly impossible.
I am fascinated how the blogosphere create an instant, homogenous trend, while still maintaing its credibility and individualism. The return of skort is a proof of it, how bloggers dress in same key items except everyone styles it giving their personal touch.

xoxo,                                                 Skort : Zara
C.                                                         Top : H&M
                                                          Gladiators: WantedShoes

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