Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Hello dears,
This is how I normally look while working (laugh), plain right?. Just because we are fashion bloggers, everyone expects us to be glamorously dressed almost 24/7. I remember I was parting one night with my girlfriends and a girl came over and asked me if I was the THAT blogger and I was like "uh huh", she was like , " you look different..I mean ah you look quite simple and normal too". I just couldn't control myself and burst out laughing. I don't dress half the way I do on blog, I don't think anyone does. Blogging is just a hobby, I don't eat and breath fashion. I do love fashion though and after a stressful week, it does help you losen up!
I am wearing no make-up, my hair is tousled and these cloths are so plain. When I was a student, I thought I would go to work in an armani suit, stay behind my desk, leave when clock strikes 5. Catch up with friends, party during weekends. well my reality is not as remotely close to any of those. I work 12 hours and sometimes 15, I am almost on feet whole day and I reach home just for dinner and to bunk in my bed.

I was working till 2am, we were trying to use a computing system which would allow all employees throughout the country to access same details. It was quite a work and the next day I just couldn't bear to be on my feet. I just went for a drive to get some fresh air and my camera always loosens me up!
coming back to the post, I usually like wearing those shoes to work and I normally wear scarves because my chest is really bony. And with scarves especially worn the way I have make you look older.

We all know fashion is cyclical, it comes and goes. Flared jeans are back with a bang! My bf just wouldn't let me buy this, he was like OMG they are so hideous and so expensive! well I am a fighter when it comes to fashion (wink). I mean this pair of jeans has the most perfect fitting and its the best denim I own. So is it a Hit or Miss trend?. can't wait to show you my dungaree collections. I will have a back to back post on my dungarees as they are my current obsession.
xoxo,                                                   Pants : D&G
C.                                                         cardigan: Topshop
                                                            Shoes : BKK
                                                           tanktop/ scarf : bhutan

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