Sunday, 6 April 2014

And the girl fell in love with the photograhy!

 Hi guys!
This is nothing fashion related post. Its me showing some of my captures with my lenses. I have always been into photography, long before I was into fashion. I have two older brothers who are almost 10 and 8 years older. They have always spoilt me rotten. They always had good cameras while growing up and when they got new models I would end up with their old ones. Somehow I learnt big deal about cameras. I still remember modelling for em when they wanted to test some of their lenses, no wonder modelling grew on me.

I had similar loafer from ALDO, I literally used to live in those shoes. They were the comfiest of the comfiests.They tore away so I bought this pair from bangkok, Pretty cheap but comfy nontheless.
Hope This clicks are atleast worth going through. From next week I will be having back-to-post on many spring and summer essentials. Have a good week ahead!

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