Friday, 22 March 2013

Trend Alert : Go bang! ( galaxy prints)

Hello Guys,
Well this is not really a new post, pictures were taken around last weekend but I just couldn't post em. As you know that my lappy is under surgery( laugh), what I mean is, I am having it repaired. Tending to your laptop after warranty is tough and expensive. I just repaired it few months ago and its just too much hassle considering my laptop is only 18 months old.I was in dilemma if I should repair it or just get a new one, I thought if it broke down now and then, not only it would save me lots of money but all the trouble. But Apple genius told me if I replaced my hard disk and battery, it shouldn't give me any problems for next few years.Repairing it would cost me only 1/3 of new laptop, I decided to repair it since I am in saving mood.
Coming back to the post, you must have seen cloths/bags/accesories in galaxy prints. If I were to play fashion police, I personally am not such a huge fan. I don't despise em,its not a 'taboo' print like how some prints are to me.I call it Big bang Print. At this point of my life, this is the skinniest I have been.More I worry about my weight, harder it gets to gain a few. This dress is a tank dress and its in size zero,it fits me like a second skin and I look even skinnier in it.That is the sole reason why I added a thin knit sweater.
I have always been a thorough reader, not only do I enjoy great literature I like reading anything read-able or read-worthy. I am really intrigued by famous/successful/infamous people and I like digging their backgrounds the most, I am quite a detective you know. I keep up with the tabloids, I know which celebrity is dating who and their Beverly hills mansions (laughs). I am not just drawn to their ultra fabulous lifestyles but I like knowing how/when/where/why they are famous. I like reading on designers, their struggle days and what or who inspire their designs. I like knowing so I dig deep about their designs and products. That is why I am really good in spotting fake products- in that field I have eyes of a hawk. It s not just fashion related materials I read, if you ask me about most notorious criminals, I might be able to give some background check  on em- like I said I even dig deep on infamousness.
Those heels are christian louboutin (*wink*) not quite, as much as I wanna say proudly they are, they are not. They are replica of Christian Louboutin Lucifer bows.They are quite famous among celebrities (here & here & here ). This is the only shoe, which I wanted to own in different colors as well. Normally, no matter how much I like the product, I never buy same thing two pieces, well what they say, there always is a first thing for something because I have it in black as well.
This sun-glass is the oldest and most worn from my collection.I know the resolution of the pictures are just bad and this is not one of my best looks, I kinda look ugly if you ask me. But lately I don't care how I look much, which is so unlike me (laugh).
Till next time guys and have a good weekend.

                                                Dress :ASOS
                                                pullover: TEMT
                                                Bag: Balenciaga ( different types here)
                                               Shoes : Christian Louboutin (replica) original here replica here
                                               sunny : Gucci

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