Monday, 11 March 2013

Go thrifty! ^_^

Just want to say quick hello. My model is back, she returned from bhutan few weeks ago, how could I not have dragged her for a shoot (wink) . Last few weeks been really hot and sunny, I love good weathers, pictures come really good. It didn't take me much time to decide an outfit for her, I have been dying to do a post on those shorts. I am really digging flag prints these days. This short was little big for me, I knew instantly it would be perfect for her.
I knew that short was IT for her but I didn't know what to pair it with, I asked her to try this top and it fitted her so well and it hit me that this post and the next post were perfect to show how to shop in budget and yet still look good. I don' t think fashion should be deprived just because of financial dilemma.

 Last november after Black friday, I watched a haul video of one of the  fashion guru I follow on youtube. She showed some really cool and amazing cloths from thrift stores and I couldn't believe how cheap they were. I may not wear the best designer cloths but I have never felt the need to shop in thrifts. There are so many brands which meet my budget. After watching her video I thought of checking out thrift stores and viola that is when I found that top and a short ( which I am wearing in next post). I didn't buy many, just a top and a short.Yes!they were just $10 each. I didn't really wear em because I am little bias about the quality and for months I didn't know what to do with em. Good thing about blogging is most unused stuffs come handy while matching your outfits.
 I wanted to keep everything cheap, the shorts and bag are tad more expensive than the top but still is very cheap. Everything she has is very cheap except for those shoes. Studs never get old, do they?
 Normally when I wear cheap cloths I like to balance it either with expensive shoes or accessories. Bearing that in mind I added this my ultra trendy sunny from Prada. I am not saying it is necessary to balance, just expressing what I think and what I normally do. I am no pro- fashion consultant or affiliated stylist, and I would rather not act like one. I am someone, who loves fashion and who has weird ways of doing things.

 This hair is princess Jasmine of Aladdin inspired. My model she has very long hair and I was like man! I totally wana try that hairstyle. I should have given her a tiara as well ( Laugh).

 Have a good week everyone and look forward to the continuation of this post.
toodle-oo,                     Top: Thrift store
c.                                   Shorts: ASOS (here)
                                      Shoes : Wanted shoes ( here)
                                      Bag : online
                                      Sunny : Prada (here)

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