Sunday, 3 March 2013

Denim & leather pairing : yay or nay ?

Hello my Lovelies,
As promised, I’m back. I took a long gap from blogging, actually after valentine posts I wanted to, and am glad I did. 
 I have noticed people are always quite curious to see how to style skater skirts, since I practically live in skirts/dresses, it would be good to show you what I wear with mine. Oh! How I love my skater skirt collections! They are closet staple of mine right now-namely because they are comfortable, have the perfect amount of stretch, come in awesome colors and are super flattering.

I bought this skirt a very long time ago and before I could do a post on it I gained a little bit of weight and this skirt became little tight for me. Recently I have been so sick that I lost all those extra kilos(which I gained after much effort) . I fit back in that skirt, nonetheless it makes me sad about the weight lost.

Skater skirts—these babies won’t break your bank balance and you can get in almost all sizes. It’s the ultimate lesson in versatility, cinching in at the waist and flaring at the hip, there isn’t a figure these skirts won’t flatter. I think it gives you that ladylike elegance and subtle nod to its retro post.

Actually I am so happy that I am able to wear that denim jacket, you have no idea for how long I have been wanting to show it, its very thick so I couldn’t wear it till now. Before I picked this skirt I paired my denim jacket with my leather pant, man! I was literally on fire..was way to hot even though there is chillness in weather due to all the raining. I don't think its ever enough no matter how much spikes and studs you already have in your closet and I am in love with the flag detailing at the back and lastly its distressed look all over is the ultimate catch. 

This hairdo looks so chic, all I did was tie a messy normal pony tail, just took one strand of my hair and wrapped it around my hair tie and pin down with some bobby pins. Simple yet pretty, right?

I fell in love with those shoes at first sight, but when I saw their price tag I gave up because I have too many slip ons and flats already. Days went by and I totally forgot about those shoes until boxing day when I saw them on sale, It was $169 initially and reached $49, quite a luck I know, I was so happy when I actually got in my size.
I will have a post soon again as foretold my weather forecast I see no rain anytime soon. Hope you had a good weekend like I did with lots of good food and company..see ya soon guys!
toodle-oo,                Skirt : Forever new ( here & for more here )
C                             Denim : UNIF ( here)
                                Top : ASOS ( here)
                                Shoes : Shubar
                                Bag : Guess

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