Sunday, 17 March 2013

Trend Alert : animal face singlets

 Hello Readers,
Just a quick post on weekend,today I was feeling very pinkish and its been a while that i had any pink on my blog. Well like I said, from today its all about the latest trends and my attempt to be a fashion police.I wasn't sure where to begin with,so I just went with the weather, it was sorta windy and I knew she could pull this ensemble off. Animal printed shirts had such a big hype in 2012, I didn't expect it too last this long but many stores still have them.This ensemble wasn't the first we tried, i totally wanted to do a post on another one of my skater skirts but somehow  it didn't go with her persona, this look is totally her style and I made sure she was comfortable in what she was wearing.

 She isn't the most girly I know, knowing her she is the type who would love sports bag and viola that pink sport's bag was just perfect. Even though my tastes are much girlier than hers,I also have a thing for  sports bags. They define coolness and they are one of the 'must haves' if you want something to swagify( if there is such a word)your look with the touch of casualness. Recently CountryRoad sports bags have really caught my attention.

As much as I wana talk about new trends and give my two cents on them, it has to wait till i get my lappy fixed. I will definitely write more in next post. Have a good week guys!
C                                      Top: TEMT
                                       Leggings: Topshop
                                       Bag: Lonsdale
                                       Shoes: Online

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