Thursday, 14 March 2013

Go thrifty with a burst of poppy yellow ^_^

Hello Readers,
Am I posting way too often? well its hard not to post when you already have photos taken. As you can see, this is the continuation of previous post. Sorry! if photos look little dark, you see I don't have my lappy with me right now. I couldn't edit my photos but I think I look nicely tanned.
Fall has approached for me and spring for many of you, what better way to start a season than some fun floral prints to brighten up your outfits and best way to get rid of winter blues! Every girl should at least own one floral printed this season.My colors obsession for last few months have been yellow and minty green,more like I like anything pastel these days. As I have mentioned before,my favourite designer would be Roberto Cavalli, I like his runway outfits to the custom made celebrity outfits. His collections evolve huge range of floral/tribal prints, and I think he is solely responsible for floral print outbreak. Kristen Steward wore one of his blazer in 2012 teen choice award and ever since then I have been obsessed with floral prints. I own a blazer and shorts but recently even bought pant in it. This short I bought it from thrift store ( you cant beat the $10 price tag! ), I loved everything about it,from color to the design. I have few more in this print though they are comparatively more expensive.

If you follow me on facebook, I posted few pictures of my blogger crush, just love her style. In her latest update she wore a shirt which had same studded collar and sleeves like mine, I was like I have one of those and I had to show it to my readers. I tried my best to keep everything very cheap, everything is cheap except for the purse and shades.
These shoes were bought very long time ago. They were pretty cheap so I bought 2 pairs, I have done a post on other pair ( click here). They have been in box for so long that I think they got rusty ( laugh), check out left shoe, it has one spike missing (haha). I liked these pairs because their qualities were just too good for their prices.

Prada Baroque sunny is one of the most popular sunglasses ever made and the most popular from Prada- read it somewhere. I think its wavy shaped side and round glasses are just classic and pure work of art. More importantly they are not outrageously expensive. Even if it takes little bit of saving, I would really recommend to you all lovely ladies.

Like how it is still cold back home in march, its still hot here. I really wana show my colored denims, floral, harem pants and few jackets but weather kinda makes it impossible. From next post it ll be tittled "Trend Alerts", I ll show you all the prints and colors which I see in every stores. I am really excited because the amount of outfits I wana show and the pace at which I post are completely asymmetrical. I will try to post as often as I could.

xoxo,                      Top : Forcast
C.                           Bottom: thrift store
                              Purse : Ninewest
                              Shoes : online
                              Sunny : Prada

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