Wednesday, 6 March 2013

50 Spikes of Grey ^_~

Hello everyone!
Wow! 1000 likes on facebook..what better way to celebrate and thank everyone than a blog post. We are newbies in bloggerland yet we have been getting tremendous supports, we really appreciate everyone who ever liked our pictures,commented or messaged with sweet words.
I will make this quick post( people who read will get the innuendo behind my title LoL )..well this is how I went to school today, except for those dms and accessories. Normally my photo shoot doesn't take much time and today it took even lesser time.I was afraid it was gona get dark when I reached home for photoshoot but this impeccably long day proves to be a gift, as I said it doesn't get dark until 8pm.  I just added few accessories to my ootd( outfit of the day) and changed from slip on to dms. Last few weeks were so cold due to rain and I thought this time winter came early, I couldn't be more wrong.  Today, it was very hot and I had tough time in dms even though pictures were taken right outside my house.
My fall closet is almost ready--with lots of spikes and studs and I am glad to announce that I have been good girl and haven't been shopping much like I used to. Nothing gives you that punk rock feeling of freedom and rebellion like fierce spikes and studs on your clothing. I wore both top and bottom with spikes and they were really cheap. Whats there not to love about spikes and studs, when you can buy them and design your own  one-of-a-kind custom patterns to fit your need exactly.

I have this OCD,I can't wear my hair down during hot days and it gets funnier, I can't cook or eat with my hair down, nothing disgusts me more than a hair in my food.I wore this simple hairdo to battle the heat and I matched my hair bands with my cloths.
There is one vintage car parked near my house, it has been there as long as I can remember. So, I took my chances and took few clicks and they turned out pretty good.

This is not my first post on doc martens (here). I did my fair share of talking on em so I am not gona elaborate any further.

This handbag is one of the first gifts I received from my bf, I just wanted to find a matching bag and voila! there it was with both grey anf black shades!
As I said this time not much writing and once again thank you everyone for all the supports in this short span of time that we have been blogging.

xoxo,                              Top/bottom : ASOS (here & here )
C.                                     Shoes : Dr Martens ( here)
                                          Bag : Nine west
                                         Accessories : Colette

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