Monday, 1 April 2013

Trend Report : Camo/ military styl3

 Hello People,
Did you guys get fooled today? (laugh).It feels like its been ages since I have updated, well my apologies! I thought this short easter break was perfect for us to have a post.When we started blogging everyone was so excited and we would go places to take pictures but now we feel so burdened to carry heavy camera when we go out, that is why we end up taking pictures near my house- almost all the time.
Today, as a easter monday weather was so perfect. It was partially sunny and not so hot, I decided it was a perfect weather to pull out my sweatshirt.I wasn't sure how and what to pair it with, then I remembered one of the  pairing I l liked on the sketch made my Stella Mccartney on how to wear skater skirt( here);the picture which I have as my cover photo on my page.

 I don't have to mention about the recent hype we got around camo- print. Camouflage print has been around for ages,but now military inspired print has taken a new life. The print that  was once a staple in guy's closet has gained quite a momentum in women's fashion. They can be edge and girlie, depends on how you rock it.From all the recent trends that are around, camo/ mlitary prints take the prize. I personally love em, and I have quite a small collection. I just love mixing the untamed military spirit with an effortless casual-cool vibe all the while playing with the essence of Street style's attitude.

I searched a perfect footwear for my this look, and I found these shoes in my un-touched, hardly worn section. It had both green and black shades. I read somewhere that shoe hoarders; the more they have the more they want, and I was like how true. I have never really been a hoarder, if I don't use an outfit or shoes, I have always found it wise to give away to someone needy, who could make a better use of it. Now I am a class A hoarder, I haven't thrown or given away any of my stuffs and I realised how stuffed my room was, actually its not that I don't want to, I just don't know whom to give here.
I urge my readers to donate stuffs you don't use in closet, little things matter you know. You don't have to hoard just to make a point that you have a huge closet- thats just my thought, I am not judging anyone.

 In 2009, I was obsessed with the likes of this glass, I had them in so many colors. Now I am not even sure if I still have em. She wears glasses and I knew she could just rock it with the sexy nerdy vibe, what do you think?

 Like always thank you for taking time to read and take care everyone till next time.

 xoxo,                            Sweatshirt : ZARA
C                                   Skirt: Uno Shimada
                                      Shoes : Charles and Keith
                                      Glasses : Ray-Ban
                                      accessories: Colette

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