Sunday, 2 February 2014

Redtastic combo or Aztec? ???

Hello people and hello February!
I don't know why but whenever February is mentioned I associate it with love, so February I'm ready for some love (laugh). I think weather has become lot warmer, looks like thats the end of our endless winter. To go with weather I wanted something light so I decided on my bubble skirt paired with sheer top and every girls' favorite knee-high black leather boots. Bubble skirts are voluminious, have a round and bubble with a beautiful hem at the bottom and tight-fitted at the waistline.They are one of the best choice for casual wears, can wear em to a cocktail party,prom or semi formal party.Bubble skirts complement tank tops,fitted tank tops,ruffles or puff sleeves top,sweats, blazers and even jackets.

.Classic black knee-high boots are so versatile, you can work em with your skinnies, skirts and dresses.For an on-trend and eye catching look, don't go for plain boots but rather which has come glossy patent, that will take your everyday look to stylish new heights.

I am a die hard blazer fan, I have quite a collection and  latest ones to join the family are my yellow and royal blue.My friend loved my yellow blazer, she convinced me somehow to sell it to her (laugh).So, it is no brainer I chose one of my blazers for the very first opportunity I got.

This Aztec print blazer is one of the last piece of clothing I shopped when I was in sydney. Actually after I was about to leave shopping mall after finishing almost all my money, I spotted this jacket, I had been searching this jacket but Zara sales person told me they went out of stock ages ago, luckily that zara store had this jacket that too in my size, sadly I had finished almost all my money, and voila! comes my knight in shining sweet boyfriend bought it for me and he was like wait till I make you buy for me from your first pay (laugh)

When wearing a tribal print, your look is instantly trendy.These fashion-forward pieces give you street-style flair with a cultured edge. Tribal print trend is here to stay..They have been around for quite some time now.

toodle-oo,                                       Red Blazers/Aztec Blazer : Zara
C.                                                   Top/skirt : Bangkok
                                                       Boots : wanted Shoes

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