Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Flared Skirt+ Leather Jacket

 Hello Everyone,
Its been a while, my apologies! Well today my classes didn't start until 1pm and I was up very early so thought I could take pictures since I realised its been quite some time. Pictures came pretty bad I am afraid since they were self timered. Everyone has their schedule to meet and often I find myself without a cameraman. I tried to do post on this flared skirt months before, but somehow I could never get the ensemble right.Its little too girlie girl.The shape is very voluminous and full, could seriously be unflattering if worn the wrong way, fitting jacket helps and gives a feminine silhouette. I admit I was awkwardly self conscious..I think it takes some getting used to.
I have been definitely guilty of buying things in past that were actually not needed.These items typically end up in my wardrobe, tags in tact and never worn. So, this year I silently vowed that there would be an upgrade in how I dress.Ultimately its about the quality- and that doesn't have to just come from high-end designer stores. I think ever since I started blogging, I have become more quantity oriented, the habit I am trying to rectify. Before all this, I didn't buy too many but I used to buy very good ones when I did. This Leather Jacket was bought when I had good sense of shopping,which is now gone haywire. I think authentic leather Jacket is a must have in a closet, I had tough time finding a pure leather in my price range. Then, I was obsessed to find myself a good leather jacket, I went armani to Lee to Gstar, loved the leather so was their prices. After much search I found this, pure lamb skin and yeah it did cost be a small fortune, but it was the only piece I could find in my budget. Nonetheless, It still remains the most expensive clothing from my collection.I bought it from Saxony, like I have mentioned before Saxony is an australian based designer store, I just love their collection.If you are looking for a pure leather Muubaa is the word. I have never really liked faux leather jackets, it looks and feel tacky until I found the white one, which I will show you next time, something which was little over $100 but it does look like real piece.

 While window shopping, be it online or on my pursuit of retail therapy, I came across these boots a lot. Many stores have this Chloe Susanna inspired boots, I admit it wasn't actually a love at first sight. I got inspired from one of the fashion guru I follow, She wore with such a SWAG that I was like damn I need to get my hands on those.

 This neckpiece, I don't know what took over me but I have them in 3 different colors. I normally don't shop that way, same style in different colors is not my way.But they were bought like 2 years ago so god knows what devil possessed me then. This neck piece resembles bolo tie, it kinda makes me laugh.

 Beanie is my fall and winter essential. I could always get away from having a bad hair day by just wearing em.

Look at me, seriously editing the pictures ( laugh). I will have a very good post this weekend completely based on winter clothing. And like always thank you for dropping by!
xoxo,                           Jacket : Saxony
C.                                Boots : Steve Madden ( here)
                                    top : Forever New
                                    Skirt : dotti
                                    Neckpiece : Colette

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