Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hello Readers,
This outfit  is as tomboyish as it can get. This season boy-meets-girl trend is a big new thing (with a capital B). I think I have mentioned before about my obsession of dungarees, having worn many in my childhood days, its still not enough. The tomboy look seems to be really hot right now, so there are lots of styles of clothing and shoes you can choose. I like clothing that is about purpose, but I'm not against having fun- I tried and straddled those two elements with my tomboyish outfit. Tomboy style is all about confidence, tad bit of rebelliousness and it has coolness written all over.Style is such a personal statement and I'm not going to attempt to define it for someone else. For me, this style is a fusion of relaxed casual fit outfit with a tad bit of feminism.

Dungarees can be styled from grungy looks to girly, from preppy to laid back chic, so don't shoot me if the way I styled them isn't your cup of tea. Ankle boots and some sort of sock peeping over the top is a staple pairing in my wardrobe.

I don't have much to write in this post, I hope my pictures speak it all.
                                                           Dungaree : Hangzhou China
                                                           Top : Uni Shimada ( japanese brand)
                                                           Boots: Forever 21

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