Sunday, 2 December 2012

Black-and-white : mini skirt+ studs

Hey there people,
I know it hasn’t even been a week since I last posted. I was bored outta my mind, since I have lots of time at my disposal- its summer vacation baby!! (Say it like ITS VEGAS BABY). You know just few months ago, I wasn’t really keen on having a blog for various reasons. I thought who would read my blog and since fashion blogging has become a much-followed trend I thought I had nothing different to offer on table. From all I didn’t want people to think of me as some insecure b**ch who wanted to compete with others. But a very dear friend of mine convinced me otherwise. Plus it was co-partnered (now they are extinct from bloggerland hahaa)  with my friends out here, we were on vacation that time so it started with an idea. We were like do you wana? Yes! but how? when? where?- we asked ourselves. In the end we decided to go for it.

In the past I always struggled to wear black & white without feeling like a waitress. Not that there’s anything wrong being a waitress, but we don’t want to find ourselves dressed like one either. You don’t want people to confuse you for one if you happen to go to a restaurant, funnily enough in last few years I have learnt how to not look like one and yet wear black & white. Black & white has become a staple in my wardrobe- its such an easy combo. I love pairing Black & white with  pop of colors ofcourse- here yellow shoes,orange tank top and beige wollen scarf being one. I guess thats how i stay non waitress (laugh).
I totally wanted her to wear side bun, i think its an apt hairdo with that thick woollen scarf. You must be wondering about the jacket and wool in summer- actually that week it rained every night and wasn't sunny for days.It gave us an opportunity to showcase how to dress during cold summers. The fluctuation in temperature is crazy;thats the perk of living in coastal area . This Jacket is one of the most expensive cloths i have in my wardrobe,its rich texture and the fact that i got it in size 4 makes me feel it was worth the price. Here its hard to find size 4( US size 0) jackets, so i normally settle for 6. I think it pairs quite well with my white denim skirt and orange tank top.

And other piece that i want to elaborate on is my woollen scarf. Man! there was a time when i was obsessed with woollen scarves and Ponchos. After watching korean dramas for most of my teens, how could i have not obsessed over ponchos. I got a huge collection. I hope there is another one of cold summer, so that i can do a post on Ponchos.
I am loving this studded slip-on. I got lucky with it. It was on sale and got around 50 % discount. In future posts, they will be more of spikes and studs oriented.
                                                     Thank you!! Have a great week.

xoxo,                                                         Jacket : MARCS
C.                                                               Skirt : Coco Bongo
                                                                   top : Guess
                                                                   Scarf: dotti
                                                                   Shoes: Wanted shoes

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