Wednesday, 12 December 2012

welcome to Blaset : part 1

Hey Guys,
So, what are all these hypes on 12-12-12?Well since it’s a significant date, which comes once in a lifetime we have a post. I posted saying we will have back-to-back updates, because we do have a lot (maybe not a lot but few) but we are having second thought on that. We might post twice a week or every alternative day, it’s yet to be decided. If you are wondering why in a blue we have a lot of updates, foremost reason we are on vacation-period. And last few weeks have been cold-ish with rain and sun barely insight. We thought it was an idle opportunity to do posts on summer jackets and some of spring/autumn essentials which we couldn’t do while we had school.

This jacket is soft and comfy, what I absolutely love about it is its leather peplum detailing. I can already think of many ways to pair it with shorts, skirts, and dresses. For today we kept it simple with a glittering tight (to lessen the dullness of black) with a khaki top, which has sequin detailing. Alas, to give finishing touch animal print heels which have both black and khaki in it.
Did you know that Peplum Jackets were declared one of the must haves for 2013 by VOGUE. The peplum jacket has the ability to adapt to many moods, but especially to different fits because it enhances and balances women’s curves in the right place. People normally add belt to it to accentuate curves, but we decided it wasn’t necessary in our case because this Jacket has a beautiful and chic jacket buckle in front. We didn’t want to impair its beauty so we kept it simple as it was. 

This is one of the iconic bags from Louis Vitton. I think now its little cheaper than it used to be but its still expensive. I have the link if you want to buy similar one. If you are one of our regular readers, you must have noticed that last few posts have hyperlinks. I try my best to take you to those websites, where they sell the items. If there are items without links, it probably means merchandises are out of stocks.
Last time on my visit to China town, I saw replica of this bag. It looks identical but feels different. But I must admit those were some real good replicas.
There isn't much to say anymore, hope it made a fun read till now. FYI "Blaset" means Closet filled with Blacks, If I decipher closet, it must mean CLOTH SETS right? so i made it to BLACK SETS, hence the Blaset..confusing much? ( laughs)

                                                                Happy Wendesday/12-12-12 !!

                                                             Jacket : Zara
                                                             Bag : Louis Vitton (click here)
                                                             Heels: GUESS

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