Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bonjour Everyone!
C again, when we started it was 3 people's blog, now it seems i am the only one who updates. I love fashion and photography explains why I am here often. What goes around sure comes around,having said that this venue is where we took our first blog pictures. I guess we made back to full circle now. There are so many breath- taking scenic backgrounds where I can take my pictures; blame it on my laziness, i end up doing near my house.
Sorry! couldn’t do post on Thanksgiving; I got caught up with stuffs. I was told that my posts have no Bhutanese touch and I do not show in anyway that I am a proud Bhutanese. Under normal circumstances I would have ignored these stereotypical comments, my normal attitude would be like “says who that Bhutanese have to wear Bhutanese textiles” but it got me thinking; maybe they want me to try something different. So, this post is for those of you who enjoy Everything bhutanese ( laugh). Don't worry i am all bhutanese in heart.

 When i first came here i brought some clothing in bhutanese prints and some woven scarves, i thought it would be unique here but never really wore any. So, how does my Blazer look? Its well tailored and it made me miss my tailor back home. Here if you wish to get something customised, it costs you bomb. I wanted to keep everything bhutanese so my shoes are in bhutanese print too.
This hairstyle is Sandara Park inspired, she wore this hairstyle in her music video Kiss with Lee min ho. I really like playing with my hair; colours,perms, straightening-I did it all. My stylist told me not to tease my hair or use heats as u can tell that coloured part of my hair is pretty damaged. But this look required one so i teased the bottom layers.

 Peplum top is from FOREVER NEW, I am into everything peplum these days. I shall have more of it in future posts. I was over the moon when i found this one in size 4 ( australian size) in US its size zero. I have been wearing it a lot, goes pretty much with everything ( shorts,mini skirts,jeans and maxis).

 I bought these shoes as it was in bhutanese print. It resembles much of my Blazer, right? I wasn't sure how this whole combo would turn out, I am glad it turned out well.
 Sorry about the photo quality, it hasn't been sunny in days and these were taken during evening. It was dark-ish outside. I can't seem to find words so enough of jibber jabber and hope my photos say it all.

Happy Wednesday

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