Sunday, 16 December 2012

welcome to Blaset part 2:the Marilyn Monroe styl3

This is the continuation of black dress project, Its not that I have only blacks in my closet but cant deny that mosts are in Black. I am trying to lessen on my shopping habits and trying to improvise from my current collections.I am inspired by concepts like fashionising's curated wardrobe, trying to create a wardrobe of clothing that reflects my individuality and my style.

 Love this dress, how it has chiffon outer lay with a mini dress inside. I think it can make statement and its versatility- superb! This is sorta piece that you truly can wear to a multitude of events without looking inappropriately clothed, which is why I am drawn more to maxis these days.I am someone who is hard to please yet I really love the quality of this dress, best $120 spent of my life. When it comes to maxi dresses, which side of the fence do you sit on? One of utter love and adoration or one of complete revulsion?
I look very old and mature in these pictures and as if that was not enough, my boyfriend insulted me saying i have old lady's hairstyle. He always liked me in short hair. He told me I looked funny in these photos, so I was like Should I upload? then I thought heck with him and his judgment, this ain't no VOGUE. And this is a best way to get over my insecurities and love myself as how god made me.

My dress doing Marilyn Monroe. I like how it was so windy during photo-shoot and my dress ceased to behave. You know that according to urban dictionary when you have that awkward moment when wind  blows your skirt is called Monroement. I love how they made Noun form of her name. One of the fun things I used to do as a teenager was to learn slangs and words in urban dictionary (laughs). This is the same shoe that our model was wearing in the previous post. Actually she was wearing buckled ankle boots in black and I was wearing these stilettos. While taking pictures, her combinations looked more like a dress from a movie Men in black, so thought she needed a pop of colour. Since the only pair of shoes we had was the one I was wearing, so we decided both would have same heels on because I sure as hell couldn't pair those boots with my dress and they happened to be in black.
Normally with strapless dresses I like adding accessories. I  think its fun accessorising but normally I am allergic to metallic ones, I can wear metallic ones for short while, if I wear whole day I get red blisters. So I go for light ones and these pearl pieces were just perfect.
I forgot to add, HAPPY 105th National day to all bhutanese. Its a proud moment for all fellow bhutanese.

Thanks for reading it!                 Dress/belt : Forever New
xoxo                                               Shoes : GUESS
C.                                            Accessories: Colette

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