Thursday, 6 December 2012

Get Comfy : In perfect blue dress

Hi readers,
These pictures were taken months back; I didn’t upload because I didn’t like how they turned out. As I mentioned I am little perfectionist when it comes to pictures, I really hate pictures with bad resolutions. I have OCD over little things so when my friend told me there was nothing wrong with these pictures, so just to get over with my insecurities, I decided to upload.
While I always have grandiose ideas of dressing up, my outfit usually ends up on the casual side. I don’t experiment much with fashion, I wear what I am ease at. That’s why I am never too dressed up or dressed down. 

This whole get up must look like two pieces- tank top and a skirt but in actuality its a tank dress. The string on the waist results in gathered peplum. The fitted skirt is little too long for my liking. I like skirts little short. I don't like knee length dresses or skirts, for me it has to be either shorter or longer than knee length. This Outfit is a great piece to hang out in the city during the day with a pair of flats or it can get vamped up more for a night out when paired with  a set of heels – wear higher than the one  I am wearing if your going out at night and definitely tie your hair back.

 Wearing blue heels with blue dress can be little intimidating but if the mood strike and it is appropriately carried off with SWAG you will definitely look good. 

This is a simple post with no piece to elaborate on, so i don't know what else to say. So, i guess I ll talk something which is totally out of the box. Have you guys heard about John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy ? I am really intrigued by criminals and especially drawn to serial killers like the above mentioned names. I have done comprehensive research on them and many other serial killers. I also watch CSI:NY and CSI: Miami religiously. Its really sad and breaks my heart to know that human are capable of worst things you and I could ever imagine. I really appreciate and look up to people who work in crime branch. So this post is to salute all those who died in making this world a better place.
I can't really tell which is the worst crime, first degree murder, manslaughter, rape, human trafficking, child molestations and many others. You know as a kid i thought Sherlock Holmes was real, i think he was my first love. It was hard on me to accept that it was a fictional character written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Just like how Sherlock Holmes triumphs all evils  with his unbeatable intellects, i guess I always thought in the back of mind that, thats how real life was, So all I am saying is there were so many Sherlock Holmes who died saving people and country. Who put others life before theirs, so Let us all extend our gratitude and pray for all those heroes, who died as heroes. Not just in my country, there are/were lots of heroes in this world.

Dress : Forever New ( click here)
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Bag : Celine
                                                               Accessories: Colette

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