Sunday, 1 June 2014


 Hey guys!
its been really long without an update. First weekend of the month is only off weekend I get hence the post today. This outfit ensemble has no wow factor, I actually decided not to post em but then time spent taking those pictures would totally be wasted.
This ensemble is very affordable,both top and hi-lo skirts were less than 500 baht. My model had a swollen lips because of some infection, she wanted me to take pictures without showing much of her face, which I did, so I am afraid most pictures are focused more on outfits.
 I love this gladiator sandal flats, It really adds a casual and cool vibe to an outfit. It was in bhutanese print, so I really had to get em.

Even before I started blogging, I have been a major shopaholic. But then shopaholic me was much wiser than me shopaholic now. Before I was much quality oriented than quantity. Probably to appease my followers that I have different and wide range of clothing and sense of fashion that I have over looked quality. I would say most, almost 90 % of stuffs I have bought from bangkok local stores have resulted in disaster. They get torn really easily, be it shoes or cloths. Wearing em few times result in stitches coming off loose. I am not belittling those stores and those who shop, maybe I just haven't been lucky. Point I am trying to make is, its better to have a few good ones than a lot shitty ones. Unless you buy from known brand stores in Bangkok, I wouldn't recommend buying much from their local stores.Why the babbling? Because today I wore one of ripped jeans I bought from bangkok local store for the first time and surprise surprise it got torned (laugh). Its not a first incident, but atleast other stuffs didn't give away on their first day (wink).

Anyways guys, work hard and spend the hard earned money. Satisfaction is guaranteed, knowing you damn well paid for everything from your hard earned money, feeling is magical and you feel less guilty. I always felt tad bit gulity whenever I shopped, knowing unconsciously that your parents paid for it, now I am much more relaxed shopper, probably explains why I am a serial shopper now (hahaa). Hope everyone had a fun weekend, keep safe!

xoxo,                   Skirt/top/necklace : bangkok
C.                        Sandals : Hangzhou China

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