Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Dip dyed Overall/Dungaree

Hello everyone!
Even if you know teeny weeny bit about business, you must know that its June closing soon so I have really been buried with works. These were taken a while back but I just couldn't find time to post, sorry about that! This is more or less the continuation of previous post.I wanted to post these pictures together with my previous ones but it looked too crowded, so I thought I would do separate post on dungaree shorts.
I have talked about my (self-imposed) no dresses this summer rule quite extensively in few of my previous posts, staying true to my word, here I am with another outfit ensemble to rock this summer--dungaree shorts.I have worn a dungaree with a very feminine top with a heel in my previous post, I have tried to keep that look very-feminine! This look is just the opposite, its really tomboyish and style is very laid back with quite the subtlety.
To get a dungaree pairing bang on, I think its important to keep it simple.
Those ankle boots are quite simple except for those spikes. I just love em because they are uber comfortable.
Nothing glamorous, just a casual outfit suggestion for everyday look.
xoxo,                                Dungaree Shorts : ASOS ( click here)
C.                                     Boots : Wanted Shoes
                                         top : Bkk